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Beads from pearls

An amulet of femininity, a symbol of elegance andA sign of good taste - all this can be said about pearls. Everyone knows that sometimes it is sea and river. How to distinguish which one is real? Because of the high cost of the original, we can often meet Decorations from artificial pearls.

Synthetic pearls are created by man atSpecial technologies. It can have excellent aesthetic properties and very high quality, but when buying it, one always wants to know if the real pearls are in front of us. I want to wear a smart decoration, not a fake. And do not overpay!

Natural and artificial pearls

These helpful recommendations will help to recognize the fake pearls.

  1. Looking at the decoration, pay attention to theHoles in beads. In false pearls it will be round and with coarse rounded edges. In natural stone, the hole looks concave, without an ideal cylindrical shape.
  2. Chips, uneven edges in the bead next to the hole for the thread - a clear sign of artificial pearls.
  3. Examine the mineral for defects. Real pearls are rarely perfect! That's how amazing ...
  4. Well, the most reliable and at the same time a simple way: take the pearl and spend it on the tooth enamel. If it is a natural pearl, then you will hear a creak.

Mineral check for authenticity

This is not all advice, How to choose a natural pearl, But they will help you buy the pearls that you collected, and not fake.

Beads from pearls

Redaction "so simple!" Prepared for you 20 great ideas Pearl jewelry. Perhaps, after watching, you will be inspired to embody something like that with your own hands.

Inspirational examples

  1. Pearl beads
  2. Here it is, elegant elegance!
    Refined elegance of pearls
  3. Creative beads with pearls
  4. And you can try this option yourself.
    Superb decoration
  5. Minerals of pearls on threads
  6. Perfectly suited as an evening dress, and to a strict business suit.
    Stylish decoration
  7. Pearl necklace
  8. Amazing magnificence!
    Elegant pearl bracelet
  9. Pearls and gold
  10. A similar bracelet is a wonderful solution as an ornament for a wedding.
    Beautiful bead decoration
  11. Gold beads
  12. Such an ornament will cost you quite inexpensively, and you can do it yourself by buying similar beads in the store for needlework.
    Stylish beads
  13. Pearl necklace with flower
  14. Very cute and gentle. A win-win option for a young girl.
    Gradient transition from beads of pearls
  15. Pearl waterfall
  16. Decoration for a real lady.
    Elegant decoration
  17. Beautiful pearl necklace
  18. All the same pearl is an eternal classic, which is always in fashion!
    Pearl decoration
  19. Stylish pearl decoration
  20. With such a bracelet, any representative of the fair sex can feel like a queen!
    Pearl bracelet
  21. Stylish pearl beads

All-all-all know about the love of the female sex forPearls. Such an ornament must certainly be for each of us. Pearls decorate, complement and impart style and gloss to any image. In addition, this mineral has a positive energy.

No wonder the legendary coco chanel so popularized with pearl jewelry, using it in almost all of its outfits. And from the light hand of the great Mademoiselle a quote was born: "Pearls are always right". and indeed it is!

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