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Stylish mens clothing

As he wrote a. The Czechs: "Everything in a person must be perfect: both the face, and the clothes, and the soul, and the thoughts ..." The issue of choosing clothes is important not only for women, but also for men. Although Men's fashion It is not customary to talk much.

A man should look good. And the point here is not at all obsessed with its appearance. In order to make a good impression, to cause respect and admiration, it is important Choose clothes competently.

A modern man should strive to ensure that,To create a holistic, harmonious image that will match the mood, situation. This image should tell others who he is, who he wants to be.

Stylish men's clothing

"so simple!" Collected 11 secrets of choosing clothes for a strong half of humanity, which will help in achieving success. Please share this with your husband.

  1. Choice of shirt: how right and how not to do.
    Selection of a shirt for a man
  2. Baggy pants look cheap.
    Fashion men's trousers
  3. Polo shirts are a decent and stylish option.
    Choice of men's t-shirt
  4. The difference is felt.
    Lingeslivy and paity
  5. In order for the suit to sit well.
    Rule of three buttons
  6. Tie and shirt: how to combine.
    Combination of tie and shirt
  7. A little training, tie a tie at all will not be a problem!
    how to tie a tie
  8. Stylishly rolled up sleeves look more advantageous.
    How to stylishly roll up a sleeve
  9. The middle is a suit; The sector around the middle is the shirt; Outer sector - tie.
    Combination of materials
  10. We combine colors correctly.
    Color guide
  11. Useful cheat sheet for a combination of costume and shoes.
    Combination of costume and shoes

And remember, the main rule - the suit should ideally fit the size. Even the most expensive suit in the world will look bad if it does not meet the standards of a man.

Here is advice to all men: Identify with your own style and find the clothes in which you will feel confident. You can have 20 identical shirts and do not reinvent the wheel if you find exactly what you like. Choosing your own style Will help you not to depend on the vagaries of fashion.

The above tips will save the representatives of the stronger sex from the lion's share of misses and help to look confident and successful. Because the clothes not only meet, but also trust.

Take on these practical recommendations and do not forget to share them with your friends.