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Application of starch

People's knowledge of starch is usually reduced to collars and jelly. Unfairly forgotten, he stands in the corner of the locker, and in fact could become an indispensable assistant for every mistress!

This universal means conceals a lot of opportunities for cleaning and maintaining order. "So simple!" Will tell you, How to use starch.

Application of starch

Household tricks

  1. Care of leather goods

    Clean the jacket without dry cleaning? easily! By the way, with leather upholstery, starch will also cope. Sprinkle the stain with starch and rub it with a damp sponge. Leave it for a while, so that the dirt absorbed.

    Properties of starch

  2. Cleans animal hair

    If your pets are afraid of water, then this trick is for you. Put on the wool of a cat or a dog starch and walk with a special brush.

  3. Removes the cat's smell

    A pinch of powder will easily remove an unpleasant cat's smell from furniture and carpet. Sprinkle a stain, and then rinse with water.

    How to use starch

  4. Removes grease stains

    Chemistry is harmful to health, besides it can damage the product itself. A completely safe and natural remedy will remove stains from the carpet and sofa.

    How to use starch

  5. Cleans suede products

    Stained a bag of suede? Starch will gently clean the contamination. Put it on the thing, wait and gently walk through the brush. Ready!

    Use of starch

  6. Helps with sunburn

    When you burn on the beach, than just do not try to remove the pain. Explode the starch in water and rub this mixture with problem areas. You will instantly feel relief.

    How to use starch

  7. Refreshes hair

    Put the powder on the roots of the hair and comb it well. Starch copes with fat content better than expensive cosmetics!

    How to use starch

  8. Struggles with an unpleasant smell

    If old sneakers do not smell bad, starch will solve this problem. Mound in the shoes of the product and leave overnight. The smell and dirt will be absorbed during this time.

    How to use starch

  9. Cleans old toys

    Dirty plush friends will find a new life after this procedure. Fold the toys into a bag of starch, shake several times and leave overnight. In the morning, a pet is vacuumed.

    How to use starch

  10. Rescues marshmallows

    If the marshmallows in the package are stuck together, then pour 4 tablespoons of starch and shake it. Sweets will separate without problems and taste will remain the same.

    How to use starch

  11. Mutes the creak of the floorboards

    If irritating the creak of the wooden coating, then scatter the powder on the floor and sweep it. Starch will fill the cracks and muffle the sound.

    How to use starch

  12. Does not leave streaks on windows

    A pinch of starch in a cleaner works wonders! This will make it easier to clean the windows and make them perfectly clean.

    How to use starch

  13. Polishes silver

    Just add a little starch to the water, and your silver will shine like new.

    How to use starch

I hope that these unusual lifhaki will be useful to you and you will start using them on the premises. Exchange tips with friends, even if they learn about Use of starch.