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How to sew a cardigan

Spring - it's time to refill your wardrobe with bright and beautiful new items. Talented fashion designer shared the available sewing scheme Stylish cardigan with sleeves "bat", Which will adorn a woman of any age. Especially since now such a thing at the peak of popularity!

With this pattern you can sew Cardigan for one evening, And the next morning you can walk in a new thing. In addition, the thing is so universal that several patterns can come out of one pattern.

Joyful girl in a fashionable cardigan

The size is easy to change to the right one for you. Another plus is the fact that this model looks great both on skinny girls, and on magnificent ladies with the size of xxl.

You will need

  • Denim denim with a size of 1.5 x 1.9 m
  • Threads that match the color
  • scissors
  • Ruler
  • sewing machine

How to sew a cardigan


  1. The details of the gear and back can be made independently by the proposed drawing.
    Growth image
  2. Layout plans show the most rational way of arranging the details of the pattern on the fabric. Make sure that the direction of the share thread is parallel to the edge or fold of the fabric.
    Layout plan
  3. On all seams and by cuts add allowances one centimeter. On the hem of the bottom of the sleeves - 4 cm.
    Cardigan sleeves pattern
  4. So the cardigan will look from different sides.
    Layout scheme
  5. When sweeping and stitching, fold the details of the cutFace sides inside. At the beginning and at the end of each seam, perform the bracing. On the diagram the front side is represented by a darker color, and the purl is light.
    The underside of a cardigan
  6. The details of the back are folded inwards and chipped to the middle sections with pins. Execute the back middle seam (width of seam allowances - 1 cm). Seam allowances are swept together and zoutyuzh in one direction.
    Inside and outside
  7. The details of the straps should be folded inwards andScoliosis short cuts. The lath folded in half along the wrong side inward and pressed. Open sections of the signs. The bar has been pricked along the cuts of the cardigan face-to-face. The stitching seams are compatible with the back middle seam of the cardigan.

    Seam allowances are swept and zoutyuzh on cardigan. Along the seam of the stitching of the bar and the edges of the bar, retreating 2 mm, lay the finishing lines with threads for sewing the loops.

    Cardigan pattern

  8. Allowance for the hem of the bottom of the sweep, turn on the wrong side and manually sew with secret stitches.
    Sleeve of a bat
  9. Here is an example of a cardigan that you will succeed.
    Fashionable cardigan
  10. Front and back view of a fashionable cardigan with sleeves "bat."
    Model of a stylish cardigan

Sewing together Cardigan, You can save a round sum: there is such a stylish little thing not cheap. I did not expect that I will succeed! This basic detail of the wardrobe looks just great!

Things created by hand, significantlyDiffer from store. From them there is a warm and positive energy, invested by you during work. It's always nice when someone like you does not have anyone else!

Share the idea of ​​sewing a cardigan with friends, I think that for them now it will be quite relevant!