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Hair in the groin

Gynecologists increasingly recommend that women shavePubic hair is a powerful prevention of any sexually transmitted infections. The bacteria left on the hairs can cause unpleasant diseases. If you choose shaving, not an intimate haircut, I advise you to finish reading this information!

The skin in the intimate area is very tender and requires careful care. When we shave off unnecessary hairs, very often There is irritation, And it is no less dangerous to health than the lack of shaving or haircuts!

Hair in the groin

Hair in the groin

The damaged skin promotes the spread of bacteria, through the cuts they get directly into the blood. Also, irritation causes tangible discomfort and looks repulsive ...

Can I shave my hair In the intimate zone? Without a doubt, you can and even need to. But you need to take precautions that will help to avoid redness and itching of the skin!

How to avoid irritation after shaving

  1. Shave pubic hair in the morning, after 30Minutes after waking up. After a night's sleep under the skin accumulates water, there is swelling, and this prevents shaving the hair completely. If you do this in the evening, shaving will not be smooth enough for the same reason.
  2. Do a coffee or sugar scrub before and after shaving! Surprisingly smooth skin and no irritation afterwards. Just a miracle!
  3. Use a balm-hair conditioner instead of a gel or shaving cream! No remedy is better against irritation, besides the gentle consistency of the balm provides an ideally smooth shave.

now you know, How to shave Hair, so as not to suffer then from irritation! Talk to your friends and tell them some useful tricks, they will be grateful to you ...