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Gymnastics for the brain

Kinesiology - a way to activate natural mechanisms of workBrain with the help of certain physical exercises, capable of uniting movement and thought. It turns out that certain physical movements can influence the development of the human intellect.

It is proved that kinesiological exercisesImprove brain activity, increase the stability of attention and psyche, help restore speech functions and synchronize hemispheres. Moreover, they invigorate, tone, relieve fatigue and overcome stress!

Why not try it? Only 15 minutes a day can radically change your life. Redaction "so simple!" Has picked up 8 best exercises that you will surely love.

Gymnastics for the brain

  1. Exercise "holiness"
    This exercise is the perfect way to relaxafter work. In the sitting position (you can stand and lie down), place your legs parallel, do not cross them. Place the brush near the chest and connect the fingertips in pairs, as if you are trying to clasp the ball with your hands.

    Eyes look down, tongue between teeth. Being in this position for a few minutes until a sense of sufficiency or a yawn appears. This exercise removes Muscular and mental stress, Calms and improves the separate work of the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

    Gymnastics for the brain

  2. Exercise "energizer"
    Such an exercise will help relax the muscles of the shoulder and neck, increase the level of oxygen in the blood and Activate the vestibular apparatus. This simple exercise is shown absolutely to everyone who works sitting, moreover and behind a computer! Put your crossed arms in front of you on the table. Press your chin to your chest.

    Feel how the shoulders relax andStretched back. Take a deep breath and tilt your head back, bending your back and opening your chest. On exhalation return to the starting position. If you perform this exercise regularly, you will soon feel that fatigue has removed your hand.

    Gymnastics for the brain kinesiology

  3. Frontal-occipital correction
    This exercise will save in times of anxiety, excitement,Uncertainty or even stress! One hand on the back of the head, and the other on the forehead. Breathe straight, deep, concentrate. Now calmly voice your problem. You can say it, but you can think. If hunting to yawn, then the body Gets rid of negative voltage.

    When the hand touches the forehead, the blood circulates betterIn the frontal lobes. It is there that one realizes, analyzes and searches for solutions to a particular problem. And on the back of the head is a visual zone that perceives the images that our memory stores. The exercise always gives a positive result. Definitely try it!

    Kinesiology exercises

  4. Exercise "elephant"
    It activates the entire whole body system and Focuses on. "Elephant" will expand the boundaries of the possibilities of your brain. forward! The ear tightly pressed to the shoulder, pull one hand in front of you, like the trunk of an elephant, and draw a horizontal eight.

    Move from the center of the visual field, andFurther upwards counterclockwise. During the exercise, watch your fingertips. Change your hand. Perform the exercise slowly and thoughtfully, 4-5 times for each hand.

    Exercises in kinesiology

  5. "Ear-nose"
    Such an exercise is especially popular with children. Performing ordinary action with an unusual hand Activates new contacts Between brain cells. With your left hand, take hold of the tip of the nose, and the right - behind the left ear. Simultaneously lower your hands, clap your hands and change the position of your hands to the opposite. Repeat this action several times.
    Exercises of kinesiology gymnastics
  6. Mirror drawing
    To perform this exercise you will need a sheet of paper and two pencils. Begin to draw with both hands mirrored symmetrical figures, numbers or letters. This exercise is great Relax your eyes and arms. And the synchronous activity of the left and right hemispheres markedly increases the efficiency of the entire brain.
    Kinesiological exercises for adults
  7. Exercise hooks
    "Hooks" - the best exercise to relieve nervous tension, it helps to focus and quickly restore Psychoemotional balance. Sit on a chair, cross your legs and put your ankleLeft foot on the right. Scratches your arms. The wrist of the right hand is on the left wrist. Connect your fingers to the lock so that the thumb of your right hand is over the left.

    Turn your hands "inside out" in front of your chest, fingersDirected upward. The head is straight, the sight is directed upwards, the tongue is pressed to the palate. Being in this position 3-5 minutes before the appearance of yawn or a sense of sufficiency.

    Exercise in kinesiology

This simple gymnastics for the brain is really effective. Because doing such exercises is a complete pleasure for adults and children. By all means try it!

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