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Inconvenient Questions

Writer nadira angel posted in her blog piercing post about The most tactless question, Which is assigned to women. This information is worth reading to many people.

Inconvenient questions

Weeping woman

Let's imagine, here - Woman, she is 30 and she has no children.

Those who ask in vain: "How come, there are still no children? So what are you waiting for?" And she every time invents new answers with a strained smile on her face.

"An hour is ticking!" - the girlfriends say, hinting. "Look, it will be too late!" - Warnings home. And she mumbles something like: "I'm not ready yet" or "I will think about it".

Offended woman

Then, left alone, he cries biting his lip. Crying because she suffered 4 miscarriages. Crying, because she and her husband are trying to have a child for 5 years, but still not at all. Crying because her husband has two children from his first marriage and he does not want more. Crying, because because of the drugs she can not bear the child.

Crying because the husband is sterile and gnawingguilt. Because a close friend is already waiting for the second, and the neighbor's girl at her 18 is already doing the third abortion. Crying because he and her parents want to see grandchildren. Crying because her neighbor has a triplet, and she treats them like animals.

Crying because she has already chosen names, and in the children's room still no one lives. Crying because there is a void inside her ... crying because she would be the best mom in the world!

But another The woman is 34, and she has four children.

All the friends say to her: "four! Lord, I hope you will dwell on this ... " Friends laugh: "Tried to protect yourself?" "Do you want your own football team?" - passers-by in the park joke.

Four children on the couch

The woman sniggered with them: "We are carrying out a demographic program!" / Em> and the next day, remaining alone, will bite his lip and cry quietly.

Because she always wanted a big family and notUnderstands why people do not like it. Crying, because she had no brothers or sisters, and in her childhood she felt lonely. Because she is pregnant with the fifth and already understands that a barrage of ridicule will become more.

Crying because she is tired of constantly defending herself. Crying because at the bottom of his heart he doubts whether it was worth giving birth to the last two children and is frightened of this thought.
Crying because she dreamed of traveling, but always put off rest for later. While her friends at 35 years have already traveled half the world. Crying, because her husband asks the sixth, but she has no strength!

But the third story. This Woman - 40, and she has one child.

"Why only one, do not you want more?" or "It did not work out anymore, right?" - Strongly gossip relatives and acquaintances. "I'm happy and so", - the woman calmly answers, and everyone nods.

mother and daughter

But when she remains alone, she also cries. Crying, because the birth of her only child has become a miracle. Because the child has long asked for a brother or sister. Because the first birth cost her the opportunity to conceive again.

Crying because her second pregnancyHad to be interrupted to save her life. Crying, because her husband died and the second love she never found. She cries because she can barely manage one child.

Crying because he can not affordLeave the work even for a month. Because she has an early menopause. Because the family can barely make ends meet. Crying because she wants to have a second child, but she can not.

Meditative woman

All these questions-stereotypes destroy from the inside any of the fair sex. These women are very many among us. These are our friends, acquaintances, neighbors, colleagues, and maybe you are one of them.

And if you are bursting with the desire to ask a woman about the question, Why she has so many children, Remember: it's none of your business!

Let's stop showing excessive curiosity and be more sensitive and human. Share this important information with others. Take care of each other!

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