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Life Tips

Every day we need to make many decisions. but, Dangerous situations, When we can lose control and self-control. So the editors "so simple!" Collected the most useful tricks that can save your life.

Life advice

  1. How to distinguish a venomous snake
    It is better to avoid meeting reptiles andDo not get caught up in their eyes. But it is still worth knowing some differences of poisonous snakes from harmless snakes. At dangerous representatives of reptiles on an abdominal side it is possible to find out the tail covered by undivided scales.

    Pupils of venomous snakes are similar to cat's, of harmless - round. If you look at the poisonous snake from above, you will find a noticeable transition between the head and neck.

    How to save your life

  2. How to avoid an accident on the road?
    If you meet a car thatTrying to get out of the way and can not complete the maneuver, do not waste time on the sound signals! Turn the turn signal and go to the shoulder. Be sure to warn the driver, this will help avoid a collision outside the road.
    How to save your life
  3. What to do with a stab wound
    The first thing to remember - in no eventDo not pull a knife or other stitching object from the wound. At this moment it plays the role of a barrier, stopping the bleeding. Instead of pulling the knife, you should try to reduce the bleeding before the arrival of the paramedic.
    How to save your life
  4. If you feel bad on the street
    Psychologists recommend in this case to apply forHelp not to the crowd of passers-by, but to an individual. When they call for help to all at once, the "scattered responsibility" effect works: people think that someone else can help.
    How to save your life
  5. What to do in case of fire
    In case of fire, it is necessary to avoid contact of the lungs with poisonous vapors. It is necessary to as low as possible to fall to the floor and move thus throughout the territory of the fire.
    How to save your life
  6. Magic stash
    This lifhak is useful to those who oftenTravels. Divide the money that you take with you into several parts and hide them in different places, for example, in the phone case. If suddenly you pull out a purse, you will not be left without money in a strange city.

    Also psychologists advise those who go to countries with increased crime, dress as modestly as possible, so as not to attract local thieves.

    How to save your life

  7. If you fell through the ice
    Remember that you have 10 minutes to save,Until the muscles are numb, and 1 hour, until you lose consciousness. First, hold your breath and float to the surface, then turn towards the shore.

    Put your hands on the strong part of the ice and startPull yourself up, helping yourself with your feet, until the body takes a horizontal position. Pull yourself and lean on your elbows. Continue to pull up until you get out completely. Simultaneously call for help, only in this case there is a chance to save life.

    How to save your life

  8. How to protect yourself in a street attack
    In a similar situation it is necessary to use keysAs a knife. Or clamp them in the hand to weight the fist. Some advise using keys like a knucklebuster. This is a bad idea, which can lead to numerous fractures.
    How to save your life
  9. If a person choked
    If this is a child, the plan of action is as follows: pat him on 5 times on the back (not much), then push it 5 times on the chest. Did not work out? Repeat the procedure until the foreign body has come out.

    If it's an adult, you need to act like that: pat him on the back 5 times (already stronger), then sharpen it 5 times on his stomach, wrapping both hands behind him. Not feel better? Repeat all over again!

    How to save your life

  10. If the machine sinks
    You should try to open the window as soon as possibleAnd get out of the car. If the window is blocked, it is worth armed with something heavy to break the glass (fire extinguisher or any heavy tool is suitable). What to do if the car was under water, read in our article.
    How to save your life

Our editorial staff is delighted with all these tricks! And what tricks do you know? Do not forget to share your knowledge in the comments.