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Problems in sex

It is difficult not to agree that it is sex that makes up 50% of the successful life of a man and a woman. But alas, it so happened that many couples have Problems in bed. The most common: the inconsistency of the size of the genital organs, the excess weight that hinders in this matter, and the time to reach orgasm (he is already, and she has a long time).

Problems in bed what to do

Many people because of this start to close themselves or completely destroy relationships. Redaction "so simple!" Talked on this topic with a gynecologist and a psychologistAnd is ready to tell you the solution to this piquant problem. As it turned out, two healthy people in principle can not have problems in this area. All of them are solved.

Problems in sex

  1. Size mismatch
    Gynecologist says that this is considered a problemEven funny. So to speak, any key will approach the lock, and vice versa. Here it is, perhaps, in an insufficient amount of lubricant, which prevents a quality sexual intercourse.

    Another possible variant of the problem is a very widened vagina in a woman after childbirth, which is also often found. But there is also Set of postures, For example, when a woman is on her stomach who will bring pleasure back to life.

    As the psychologist says, the main thing is to be able to talk with each other and look for ways to solve the problem. Just do not tell your partner directly that something does not suit you. Approach this topic from afar.

    So, if it's too big, they'll fitPoses when the woman on top. So she can control the process and save herself from painful sensations. If she still has a lot of room there, then choose the poses in which she can squeeze the buttocks and muscles of the small pelvis.

    Problems in bed what to do

  2. overweight
    Another problem that has a more psychological aspect. Sometimes, especially in men, a big stomach hinders. But is this a hindrance?

    Calmly talk to your partner and explain,That the poses that previously brought pleasure, now a burden. And to know something new is never a problem. You can always pick up a pose that will give pleasure to both the man and the woman.

    Problems in bed what to do

  3. Someone too fast ...
    Often happens, especially at a young age, that inTime of the act the man has already experienced an orgasm, but the woman is not. This can be in a more mature age, if, for example, a woman looks very impressive. In this case, you just need to pay more attention Preliminary caresses. And also a woman needs to relax on the eve of a date. A romantic atmosphere also does not hurt.
    Problems in bed what to do

Any problem is solved, if it is not related toPathologies and serious diseases. Just do not be selfish and discuss everything with your partner. And do not forget to share useful information with your friends in social networks!