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Properties of linseed oil

Surely about The benefits of flaxseed oil You have heard more than once, but rarely turned yourclose attention. Doctors persistently advise it to people who do not eat fish. It is widely used in medicine and cosmetology. But linseed oil is rarely seen in the arsenal of the average person. And very vain ...

Flaxseed oil for health

Redaction "so simple!" Tell you what is the use of linseed oil and for what purposes should it be used. This is a real guardian of your beauty and health.

Properties of flaxseed oil

Flaxseed oil is so important andUseful properties for health, that using this product makes sense every day and all life. Also a specific and somewhat bitter taste, which has Unrefined flaxseed oil, Will add a piquant taste to any dish.

The value of oil for the human body is determined byIts richest composition, both fatty acids, and macro- and microelements. On the content of omega-3 it is richer in fish oil in 2 times. So for those who do not like fish - this is a real find.

Flaxseed oil for health

Usually linseed oil is taken in the morning on an empty stomach, andJust 20-30 minutes before the first meal. You can drink oil before going to bed, or 20-30 minutes after the last meal. A single serving of flaxseed oil is equal to one tablespoon. But before starting the appointment, consult a doctor. You may be enough to take it once a day.

Also it can be used in the form of masks for skin and hair. After you learn how it miraculously affects the body, then rush to the pharmacy for a bottle.

Flaxseed oil for health

Benefit to the body

  1. For weight loss
    Oleic acid omega-9, linoleic acidOmega-6, alpha-linoleic acid omega-3 - effective activators of weight loss. In addition, omega-9 and omega-6 acids reduce appetite. So everyone who has extra pounds should be given preference to this oil. It can be added to yoghurts or salads, or you can use it as an independent product.
    Flaxseed oil for health
  2. For cardiovascular system
    Oil protects against cardiovascular diseasesSystem, normalizes blood pressure, reduces cholesterol in the blood, and also makes blood vessels more elastic and healthy. Also scientists have proved that it can prevent repeated heart attacks.
    How to drink linseed oil for health
  3. For women's health
    The presence of lignins in this product contributes to the activation of the normal balance of hormones in the body. Thanks to linseed oil it is easier to carry menstrual pain and menopause.
    How to drink linseed oil for health
  4. Removes the inflammatory process
    Flax oil removes the inflammatory process whenLupus, gout, fibrocystic mastopathy. With lupus it lowers cholesterol, and with gout reduces swelling and pain in the joint tissue. Omega-3, included in the composition, improves the process of iodine digestion. So with fibrocystic mastopathy it is used as an additional treatment.
    How to drink linseed oil for health
  5. For beauty and youth
    This oil normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands. Also masks on its basis have rejuvenating, nutritious, bactericidal properties. Still it is very good to use for eyelashes. The effect of it is much better than that of castor.
    How to drink linseed oil for health

Here is a miracle oil. To see a positive result, you need to use it for at least two months. Do not forget to share useful information with your friends in social networks, so that they are healthy and beautiful!