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The most useful food

Many believe that eating healthy food every day is an expensive pleasure. But this is not so. The most useful food on earth is cheaper than many food products.

Sprouts are Live enzymes, Ready to create a miracle with your body. They can heal from many diseases and rejuvenate the body, relieve excess weight and improve the overall condition of the body.

The most useful food

Strength and Use of germinated grains Known since ancient times. Sprouted grains on a permanent basis for a long period of time fed elected people - emperors, magicians, ancient sages, heroes, yogis, long-livers and even astronauts!

Sprouted grains of wheat, flax, barley, alfalfa,Mustard, pumpkin, sunflower, amaranth; Mustard, chickpeas and masha have the maximum bioenergy. They give the body activity in the higher phase. Like the one that helps a small sprout to turn into a strong plant. Such food is called "live food" or "The elixir of youth".

The most useful and healthy food

The most useful food

Many important knowledge have been preserved to the present day.Day, and their benefits were confirmed by modern medical research. This also applies to the consumption of sprouted grains: our distant ancestors understood their meaning intuitively, and today we know for sure that this is one of the most useful types of food.

Redaction "so simple!" Decided to tell you about the beneficial properties of this ancient remedy. Here it is - a secret recipe for longevity!

  1. Vitamin boom
    Sprouted seeds contain a huge amountVitamins, microelements and all essential amino acids. And all this wealth is in a natural form convenient for our body, in contrast to pharmaceutical preparations.
    Cheapest and healthy food
  2. fountain of youth
    Seedlings help maintain andTo prolong youth due to a large number of antioxidants. They not only make a young man outwardly, but also help all organs within the body to function fully.
  3. Resistant immunity
    Biologically active substances contained in seedlings of grains, improve the functioning of the immune system. It is known that nutrition with sprouted grains helps to avoid the formation of cancer cells.
    The most useful food for a person
  4. nervous system
    Such nutrition helps to adjust the emotional background. Depressive and anxious states are eased, mood is normalized, resistance to stresses is increased.
  5. Intimate health
    In men, the potency improves, and in women the menstrual cycle and the hormonal balance are normalized. Leave such diseases as mastopathy.
    9, biogenic food
  6. Strong vessels
    The use of live food in their diet normalizes blood pressure, reduces weather dependence, removes vegetative vascular dystonia.
  7. Excellent vision
    Even with severe myopia, the substances contained in the seedlings help to significantly improve vision and even give up glasses!
    Biogenic food sprouts
  8. beauty
    Forever young Liz Taylor and charming jane of the fund, a significant place in their diet took the tender green of young sprouts.

    Their example was followed by the top models, because in their work a good complexion, snow-white teeth, firm skin, shiny, well-groomed hair is not a luxury, but the necessary professional qualities.

  9. weight loss
    Try to use the sprouted seeds for breakfast. They will saturate the body with all the necessary substances, give a rush of energy, and during the day you will less want to eat.
    Live food
  10. Cheerfulness and strength
    When a person fully nourishes, he feels well. Everyone who regularly uses sprouted seeds, note a burst of energy. No wonder it is one of the most sporting products!

A diet from seeds of sprouts Cheap. From one kilogram of dry seeds, 2 kilos of "finished" food are obtained (as a result of their water being poured). Buying oranges or bananas, we throw out almost half the weight in the form of peel and bones in the garbage can. In addition, we must take into account the fact that 300 grams of seeds - a hearty snack, and 300 g, for example, bananas - "a ridiculous dose."

Use germinated seeds better without heatProcessing, adding them to a salad or simply eating them raw. And you can add sprouted grains to bread, porridge, and first courses. The main thing - that they every day were in the diet, and then the health and mood will always be on top!

Live food for weight loss

Today, because of terrible unreasonable habits inNutrition average life expectancy of an average person is 70 years, so the very idea that you can live a long time and yet not suffer, it seems fantastic. But it all depends on your mood and way of life, mental beliefs, eating habits.

And I decided to use theseTips and start incorporating this super-useful product into your diet. If for you, as for me, this information is important and valuable - share it with your friends. Let the people around us be healthy and happy!