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Topic of use and Harm from eating meat Every year it becomes more relevant. Scale production of meat products are constantly growing, it is becoming less environmentally friendly, and in the hearts of people more and more charity to animals wakes up. Mankind continues to eat meat, but nevertheless there are a number of reasons that will push you if you do not give up meat at all, then use it in smaller quantities.

Harmful properties of meat

"so simple!" Shares with you good reasons that will push you to reduce the number of meat products in the diet.

Harm meat for health

Harm to meat

  1. Reduce the likelihood of cancer
    It turns out, meat is still a carcinogen. In 2015, Boaz awarded the treated meat products a frightening status of food, capable of causing cancer. The use of smoked meat, minced meat, wieners, scraps and burgers increases the risk of developing colon cancer by 18%. These foods, of course, are delicious, but what will happen to your body?
    Harm to the intestines
  2. Reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases
    Heart disease is one of the mostCommon causes of death in the world. Switching to a vegetable diet is not only an excellent prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system, but also a way to reverse their development.
    Harm meat for the heart
  3. Keep the harmony
    Obesity is directly related to eatingFatty meat products, especially pork, sausages and various smoked products. Try to reduce the amount of harmful meat consumed to a minimum, and you will feel much healthier!
    Harm meat facts
  4. Save the planet
    According to the UN, Meat industry Consumes about 70% of all fresh water inPlanet. The amount of greenhouse gases produced by agriculture is quite large. Reduction in meat consumption by mankind can significantly affect the climate situation and reduce consumption of resources.
    Harming the meat research
  5. You will less want to sleep
    Most vegetarians say thatNeed less sleep, feel vigorous and full of energy. Everything is logical, because vegetable food is absorbed much easier, thereby removing the burden and unnecessary strain on the digestive system.
    The benefit of giving up meat
  6. You will expand the gastronomic horizons
    Fruits, vegetables, greens, cereals and nuts - it's so delicious! And most importantly - incredibly useful.
    The most harmful meat for humans

    Reduction of meat in the diet will help expand the culinary horizons and open for you new delicious dishes. It is not necessary to eat meat without end to maintain the protein balance.
    Harm to meat

Try at least occasionally to replace a juicy piece of meat or smoked sausage on legumes, lentils, whole grains and nuts. This is an invaluable contribution to your health and the welfare of the planet as a whole.

Harm meat for health

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