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Pilates for beginners at home

"One hundred" - one of the most popular Pilates exercises. When it is performed, all the muscles of the abdominal cavity work. Its name is a golden exercise was due to a special breathing technique.

Pilates for beginners at home

This exercise consists of 10 breathing cycles. Each includes 5 breaths and 5 expirations. "Hundred" can be performed by people of any age and any level of physical training due to the fact that there are many options for doing the exercise.

"a hundred" - Ideal for warm-up. It warms up both the abdominal muscles and the arms in the shoulder joint, and the muscles of the chest, which we use for breathing.

Pilates for beginners at home

Pilates basic exercises

This exercise stabilizes the lumbar regionThe spine. In a unique combination, respiratory gymnastics converge and a good working out of the muscles of the press and hands, strengthening of the center and excellent stretching of the legs and neck.

Technique of implementation

  1. Starting position: lying on the back. The legs are bent, the palms can hold the knees.
  2. On exhalation lift the top of the body, stretch your palms along the floor forward and straighten your legs up. While the housing is tightly pressed to the floor and stabilized. The shoulder blades do not touch the rug!
  3. On inhalation return to the starting position.
  4. For simplicity: bend your knees at an angle of 90 degrees. The head is lowered to the floor or to a small pillow.
  5. Exercise is performed in several ascents and descents (from 5 to 15). Depending on the physical preparation, you can adjust their number. When working with your hands try to perform a hundred strokes.
  6. For well-being and opportunities, you can reduce or increase the number of strokes to about half.
    Pilates for Beginners

Complications and variations

  1. Legs are straight. Lower them 45 degrees above the floor. Then make longer inhalations and exhalations.

    Pay attention: the waist is pressed to the floor due to the tension of the muscles of the press and retraction of the abdomen!

  2. When stretching the legs forward, unfold them with their feet outward, and the heels inward. Then pull the socks on yourself.
  3. Alternate legs, lowering them one by one to the floor or lifting 45 degrees above the floor. While being in a position where the muscles of the press are involved, shoulders and shoulder blades are raised.

    In the "hundred" any movements by legs and hands in the rhythm of breathing are possible, provided the body is correctly positioned: the scapula does not touch the floor, the waist is pressed, the neck is not stressed.

  4. Add blows with your straight hands down: 5 strokes on a long inspiration and 5 on a long exhalation. When carrying out these movements, keep the body in suspense!
    Pilates at home

This video shows how to perform this exercise.

Healthy back, A good press and a decent stretch - these are the positive results that you will get by practicing the "hundred"!

Start practicing now, since such training will help to correct the figure and improve your well-being. Allocate 15 minutes a day to your beloved!