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Modern fashion

Sometimes it seems that the fashion does not follow, becauseThe trends change with lightning speed. Nevertheless, one can look stunningly each! You just need to learn a few simple secrets, and you can easily Refresh the wardrobe And create many fashionable images.

From old things you should not get rid of forever, harness them to better times, because the fashion is inherent in the cycle. Well, if you want to look fashionable today, the editorial staff "so simple!" Shares with you simple tricks that will help you always stay on top!

modern fashion

modern fashion

  1. Excessive sexuality
    Modern trends say that too muchCalling clothes are a sign of bad taste. Tight dresses and frank decollete has long been out of fashion. Attention is attracted by naturalness, grooming and self-confidence,
    But not a vulgar mini dress.

    Modern fashion in clothes

    Lovers Look sexy Do not despair, because there was a new wonderful trend - it's clothes of color nude. Dresses of this color create a nudity effect without a drop of vulgarity and at the same time look very sexy.

    Fashion trends in clothing

  2. Tone-to-tone
    Wearing clothes is not a tone. Now it's enough to have things in One color scheme. And the handbag no longer needs to be selected under the shoes. Well, not a holiday? The main thing - do not overdo it with the number of colors, only three are enough.

    fashion clothes

    Fashionable daily clothes

  3. Catchy makeup
    Today in vogue is natural, so do not hide the natural beauty behind the ton of makeup. A natural complexion, a light blush and fresh well-groomed lips - here it is, your way to success!

    Modern fashion in make-up

    By the way, this Abstinence from cosmetics Will help save a little money, which is better spent on a beautician than on new shadows.

    Fashion in make-up

  4. Perfect hairstyle
    Strangely enough, but perfectly arranged hairLong gone out of fashion. As in all other aspects, the naturalness in hairstyles does not cease to be popular. Hair can be a little disheveled, for you should not be seen that you were sitting with a comb in your hand for half a day. You just got up, combed your hair and ran for business in all its glory.
    Modern fashion in women's hairpieces
  5. Heels day and night
    In everyday life it is simply necessary that the legs look healthy and well-groomed. And the endless walking on his heels is unlikely to help you in this. It's no secret that comfortable shoes - recipe for success. More and more girls today prefer comfortable shoes at low speed, and modern fashion trends allow you to wear sneakers with absolutely any clothes.

    fashion footwear

    No, all this does not mean that the shoes should be thrown away altogether. It is better to leave your favorite shoes on the hairpin for important events, meetings or going to a restaurant. Your legs will definitely be grateful to you!

    Fashion shoes without heels

Adhering to these simple rules of modern fashion, you will definitely become an icon of style! Most importantly - do not forget about natural beauty and naturalness.

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