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How to burn calories

Many of us who want to lose weight for whatever reason can not visit Training in the gym Or severely restricting oneself to eating. Some have medical indications, others have financial difficulties, others have banal laziness ...

"so simple!" Offers the 10 most effective ways Lose one's weight Without strict diets, enhanced training and with health benefits!

How to burn calories

  1. bicycle riding
    Riding a bike in the city

    Cycling helps to get rid of fat in the abdomen and waist area, perfectly tones the muscles of the lower body, speeds up the metabolism.

  2. Dance lessons
    Ballroom dancing for adults

    Improvement of the heart, normalization of pressure, lowering of cholesterol, Fat burning - dances give the same results as good fitness.

    Dance classes not only help significantlyLose weight, they also perfectly raise the mood, help liberate and establish contacts with others, which is especially important for people who are timid and insecure. Sign up in a circle of ballroom dancing for adults or belly dancing - you will not regret!

  3. walking
    Scandinavian walking

    30 minutes of fast walking burn about 150 extra calories! Now the popularity is gaining Nordic walking, Which is shown even to elderly people and pregnant women.

  4. Work on the plot

    Those who have a dacha or a plot near the house know firsthand about the beneficial effects of agricultural work: in the process of this activity, All muscle groups!!

  5. Swimming
    Swimming in the pool

    Do not necessarily set records! 30 minutes of free-style swimming reduce stress to nothing, increase the endurance of the body, strengthen muscles, stimulate the work of the heart and blood vessels. Especially useful are regular exercises in the pool for those who have problems with the spine.

  6. yoga
    Yoga at home

    Yoga - one of the most effective ways to put in order not only the body, but also the thoughts!

  7. Walking with your pet
    Walking dog

    You need to benefit from everything. Turn daily walks with a four-legged friend in an active joint pastime: you will like both you and him!

  8. Jumping rope
    Jumping rope

    A great way to lose weight! Jumping 5-10 minutes a day, you will notice the results in a week: the buttocks will be tightened, and the stomach will become more flat.

  9. cleaning the house
    cleaning the house

    Before taking up household chores(Wet cleaning, ironing, washing dishes and so on), try to strain the abdominal muscles, spread the shoulder blades and in this position do all the work, making sure that all this time the muscles remain in tonus. The next day you will feel the effect of Home workout!!

  10. badminton
    Badminton game

    Sports games in the open air are beneficial not only to the body, but also to the spirit. Excellent mood and muscle tone are provided!

Use any opportunity for physical activity - forget what the excess weight is, back pain And a bad mood! Share the article with your friends, and rather go together for a walk.