/ Why do people get fat

Why do people get fat

Very often extra centimeters on the hipsTestify not to laziness or problems with health, but about stresses or problems in the relationship. The reasons for the night raids on the refrigerator are extremely clear - we choose food as a comfort. A few minutes - and a cup of sweet tea with a sandwich is ready. So how can we wean ourselves Stall And turn food into a substitute for love?

Why women get fat

Redaction "so simple!" Shares with you effective exercises to combat negative emotions and such an annoying desire to eat another slice.

Why people get fat

Often in food we allow ourselves absolutely everything, because this is the simplest and safest way enjoy And relax. You can tear yourself to the full and forget about obligations and conflicts, eating an uncontrolled number of favorite sweets, for example. When a person tries to be ideal for others, often the food turns into one single outlet that can save him from negative emotions.

Why women get fat and men do not

These 3 useful exercises are able to fundamentally change your Attitude to food And stress, you just need to try!

  1. Make a list of treats
    Try to make a list of everything that brings you pleasure, both moral and physical. Everything, everything except food. Rather try to apply this knowledge in practice!

    Women quickly get fat

    Try to experience New emotions and sensations, It will greatly help improve your relationship with food. Massage, fragrant bath, dancing and skiing - here it is, this and such a useful outlet!

    Eat up food

  2. Eat it in 8 minutes
    As soon as you start to feel that the kitchen andBeckons, although you did not intend to eat in the near future, rather start this effective exercise. Instead of once again opening the refrigerator and eating a juicy slice of sausage, say to yourself: "I'll eat it in 8 minutes!" And not a minute earlier.

    Stress and eating

    Think up List of useful cases, Which you could have done in these 8 minutes and soon start to implement them. The desire to have a bite as a hand will remove, while you will be carried away by the fulfillment of such a task.

    Food from stress

  3. Break the trigger
    Painful relationship with food anywayAre associated with some unpleasant events for you. Try to find that same trigger and try to break it. Bad sleep, resentment, stress at work, hormonal failure - all this can be the cause of overeating. Try to avoid unpleasant situations or to be distracted from them in the future.

    Food as a remedy for stress

    If a stressful situation is associated with disharmony inRelations, try to write a letter to a partner. Share everything you think about, worry about, without censorship, without fear of expressions and loud words. Imagine yourself in the place of a partner and try to answer all the claims. This will help Effectively relieve stress And understand the situation. And now tear the leaf into small pieces!

    Food against stress

As you can see, you can fight stress without the next slice of pie. The main thing - let yourself at least occasionally not be perfect!

Food after stress

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