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Quick repair

One of my friends - a talented artist and designer who worked for about 10 years in different cities of France, shared interesting Design techniques. They will help the interior look expensive with absolutely minimal costs, both on a budget and on time.

If the interior has long lost its gloss and looksSlightly shabby, then it's time to change something. And it does not matter that additional financial costs for repairs, even cosmetic, are not included in the family budget.

Quick repair

Redaction "so simple!" Has prepared for you 27 design tricks, How to update the interior In just 1 day. Look and be inspired!

  1. Try to paint old linoleum in fashionable colors.
    Linoleum decor with own hands
  2. Analyze all the pros and cons of the originalThe location of objects in the apartment. Perhaps chairs that were bought for the kitchen, perfectly complement the interior of the living room, and a chair from the living room will add comfort to the bedroom. Try to rearrange the furniture.
    Renovation of the interior in one day
  3. Hanging mirrors in simple frames on the cabinet door. Then paint the frames in the main color of the door so that they look like built-in.
    Decor of doors and wardrobe mirrors
  4. From old remnants of fabric that have not yet been used, you can sew original cushion covers and bedspreads or decorative napkins.
    Interior decoration pillows

    And if needlework is not your horse, use ready-made textiles, for example clothes. A bright light dress on the wall will cheer up and remind you of the summer.
    creative design
  5. Use curtains to hide unsightly storage areas, which often create a mess.
    Unusual curtain for the corridor
  6. Fashion trend in Interior design - Focusing on one wall in the room. Such a reception will allow with a minimum of effort to give a new mood to the bedroom.

    Overlap the head of the bed wallpaper, contrasting with the rest of the interior by color or texture, but you can place a photo with an interesting drawing.

    Bright accent of renewed design

  7. Curl of the curtain. This simple trick will create a cozy atmosphere in the room.
    Quick repair
  8. fast Refresh the familiar interior It is possible and with the help of contrasting curtains. The easiest way to choose bright textiles is to follow the principle of the opposite of cold and warm shades.
    Quick apartment repair
  9. Combine different curtains.
    Quick apartment repair yourself
  10. The old refrigerator can be easily zadekorirovat using a metallized adhesive tape or paint spray.
    Quick apartment repair yourself

    A balloon with paint and a self-adhesive film are simple but convenient tools for turning old household appliances into new ones. Well, of course, your imagination and diligence!
    Quick room repair
  11. Do not hide books on closed shelves of bookcases, because they can be an excellent element of the decor of the room.
    Repair of a wooden floor

    Unobtrusive presence of books in different corners of the apartment makes the interior cozier and gives it an intellectual chic.
    The fastest apartment repair
  12. This technique will help organically fit the technique into your interior. For this, put the TV in the picture frame.
    Updating the interior with your own hands
  13. Use a dessert stand to store household chemicals in the kitchen. Looks quite unusual, is not it?
    Renovation of the interior without repair
  14. Disguise an unsightly vent with a rubber mat and metallic paint. A wonderful find!
    Renovation of the apartment interior
  15. A suspension of cornices above the bed to make a canopy. And rest like a shamah's queen!
    Kitchen interior renovation
  16. It does not matter how much time is left before the onsetNew year - you can create a festive atmosphere in your apartment right now. For this, get the glowing garlands - additional lighting positively influences the mood and revitalizes the interior!
    Spring renovation of the interior
  17. Make accent - colored ceiling.
    Budgetary renovation of the interior
  18. The wall finishing with wooden boards is appropriate in any room.
    Renovation of an old interior
  19. Recolour the old furniture. The design entirely depends on the flight of your imagination!
    Interior renovation
  20. Remember souvenirs brought from othersCountries, a shabby carpet, a vintage chest or a plaster bust of the leader, inherited from his grandmother. All this can serve as an ornament of the interior and create a fashionable eclectic environment in the room.
    Renovate the interior without costs
  21. As you know, nature has no bad weather. So why not turn to her for help? Create a seasonal charm ...
    Update the interior of the living room

    Use vases or any other containers toDecorate your house with bright accents corresponding to the time of the year. In the spring it can be flowers, in the summer - fruits, in the autumn - compositions from leaves, in winter - coniferous branches.
    Upgrade the interior to spring
  22. Use volumetric vinyl stickers that mimic a mosaic tile, in order to update the apron in the kitchen. Change is wonderful!
    Renovate the interior of the apartment
  23. An excellent solution for switches and outlets will be inexpensive decorative frames.
    Update the interior of the room
  24. Nothing so cheers up as happyAnd the smiling faces of family and friends. In old albums, transfer your favorite photos from hard disk to paper carriers and come up with interesting compositions. Hanging on the walls of your favorite photos.
    Refresh bedroom interior

    You can decorate the wall with various frames or create a collage of the original shape. Any experiments are welcome.
    Alteration of an apartment with your own hands
  25. In your apartment for certain there are any green plantings. Build for them new original "houses" that will delight the eye and become the highlight of the interior.
    Alteration of a two-room apartment

    Give vent to your imagination and new life to tin cans or a tea service that you never used.
    Remake of a small apartment
  26. Wrap the exposed wires with suede ribbons. Of course, this is a lot of hard work, but the result is worth it. Looks very unusual and attractive!
    Alteration of the layout of the apartment
  27. The additional shelf, decorated with decorative plates, will give the kitchen cabinets a solid look.
    Remaking an old apartment

Most of us are accustomed to consider the interior of the houseOr apartment concept static. Have made repairs and the next few years enjoy its immutability and monotony. And if there is a desire to change the usual view of the surrounding space, then often we are faced with a lack of time and money.

with these Design ideas You can make changes in the house depending on the mood and wishes of your family. Change is always for the better!

I really liked these tips, I hope they will be useful to you. Do not forget to share the article with your friends!