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Treatment of cancer with folk remedies

Cancer is a deadly disease that has killed millions of people. There are separate, expensive treatments for this scourge, which, alas, do not guarantee a 100% recovery.

For this reason, many people are looking for Alternative options for curing from oncology, Which would replace chemotherapy. After all it is poison treatment. Toxins kill not only cancer cells, but also harm the body, which can not always recover from such damage.

Cures for cancer

But there is an effective remedy for this terrible disease: Vitamin b17 (It is also called laethryl or amygdalin). It destroys any malignant tumor in the body. The substance can be found in most fruit seeds: apricot, peach, apple, cherry, plum.

Treatment of cancer by folk remedies

In 17 is called perfect chemotherapeuticAgent. This vitamin selectively acts on the cells: it attracts to cancer cells that contain beta-glucosidase, destroys them without destroying healthy tissue.

It also acts as an analgesic, improves metabolic processes and slows down the aging process.

Dr. Ernst t. Krebs, Jr., a biochemist from San Francisco, put forward the theory that cancer, like zing, is not caused by some mysterious bacterium, virus or toxin. He is a disease of vitamin deficiency, caused by a lack of essential components in the diet of modern man.

A few centuries ago we used to eat a vitamin rich in 17 millet bread, but now we prefer white bread, which does not contain it.

Once our grandmothers pushed the seeds of plums in the stupa,Raisins, green grapes, apples, apricots and added crushed powder to their jam and canned foods. My grandmother did not really think much about why she does it, although these seeds are the most powerful source of vitamin 17 in the world.

Research of apricot kernels

Why does modern medicine bypass the partyAll natural methods of treatment and prevention of cancer? The answer is not at all in science, but in the economic motivation of those who dominate the medical establishment.

Annually billions of dollars go to Cancer research, Other billions come from the sale of chemical compounds.

From this you can make a cynical conclusion: From cancer, "feed" more people than die from it. And if the solution can be found in a simple vitamin, then suddenly the giant industry collapses, which, of course, resists it with all its might.

A handful of apricot kernels

One woman refused to undergo chemotherapy. She took the treatment into her own hands and decided To use vitamin b17 Within 10 weeks.

The experiment was a success. The tumor that destroyed her body completely disappeared. The result of this woman became proof that the natural medicine exists!

A hard core in the depth of the apricot is thereNot at all in order to throw it away. In fact, this dense woody shell protects one of the most remarkable foods on earth!

Source of vitamin 17

As you see, To defeat cancer without medical intervention perhaps! If you have friends who need help in the fight against this terrible disease, and just for prevention, safely recommend them a vitamin b17, which can be found in apricot bones. Here's to you a simple, effective and, most importantly, effective medicine.

Take care of your body and share this important information with your friends. It is very necessary to know everyone!