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Cosmetics for lips

The skin of the lips is extremely tender and sensitive, it needs constant care. And store facilities leave much to be desired, because they are full of chemistry ...

Cooking homemade balsam For the lips - it's not only profitable, but also veryUseful. So you can pick up each ingredient individually, considering only your own needs. This balm best takes care of the health and beauty of your lips, because all the ingredients are natural and are bestowed by nature itself.

Home lip balm recipe

Cosmetics for lips

Type of balm and ingredients can be completely different. Today "so simple!" Offers you to cook an unparalleled balm with a scent of cinnamon and chocolate, the ingredients for which are found in every home.


  • Monastic candle from beeswax
  • 30 grams of refined base oil (olive, sunflower)
  • 10 grams of honey (1/3 tablespoon)
  • Cinnamon and cocoa powder for flavor


  1. Mix 20 g of wax and base oil. If you add too much beeswax, the balm will be very hard. The optimum amount of wax is not more than 40%. By the way, if you do not have weights, then you can mix the ingredients in the following proportion: 2/3 tbsp. L. Tamped wax and 1 tbsp. L. Oil.
    Home made chocolate lip balm
  2. Melt the resulting mixture in a water bath. Add honey and mix well.
    How to make a home lip balm
  3. Add cinnamon and cocoa powder for flavor. Enough and a little pinch.
    Lip balm in the home
  4. Blend with a fire and quickly switch to a suitablecapacity. Leave to freeze. If the balsam turned out not too good consistency, it does not matter. It is always possible to melt it in a water bath, adding a little wax or oil.
    Home-made lip balm

Voila, home remedy for the lips is ready! It remains only to enjoy the gentle and well-groomed lips.

Remember, That any cosmetic product, whether it is home or shop, should be tested on a clean area of ​​the skin in order to avoid undesirable allergic reactions!

Keep this awesome recipe for yourself and be sure to share it with your friends.