/ How fast to sit on a twine

How fast to sit on a string

Women's health must be protected, because without it there will be no happy family, which means that life will pass in vain. We all know perfectly well what to keep Pelvic organs In the heat, observe the rules of personal hygiene, do not lead a promiscuous sex life and the like. But there is one important point that most women overlook.

How to sit on a twine at home

This is a good stretch, namely - the ability to sit on the string. This exercise is very useful for a woman's health. At least, so say the gynecologists. Today edition "so simple!" Tells you what is the use of twine, and how quickly to sit on it.

How fast to sit on a twine

To strengthen your motivation, we will tell you why it is useful to work every day on stretching. Believe me, the benefits are really palpable.

Twine use

  1. Most importantly - sitting on the twine helps to normalize the menstrual cycle.
  2. Prevents the possibility of lowering the pelvic organs.
  3. It is proved that to women with a good stretching, it is much easier to conceive a child, and also less painful to give birth to it.
  4. During the exercise of this exercise improvesBlood circulation in the pelvic organs, abdominal cavity. This is an excellent prevention of diseases of the urogenital system in both men and women.
  5. Prevents varicose veins.
  6. Improves the immune system.

How to sit on a twine at home

As you can see, the benefit of twine is really huge. Do not think that it is on the shoulder only of youth. And in 40, and in 50, and even in 60 years you can pull the net on the twine. Most importantly, when stretching, do not make sudden movements and do not rush. To achieve a result, you just have to perform daily simple Stretching exercises.

Stretching exercises

  1. To begin with, do a standard warm-up to warm up the muscles.
  2. Lunge one foot forward and put it downBent at the knee to the full stop so that from the knee to the foot the leg was perpendicular to the floor. Palms on the floor on both sides of the foot, keep your head straight and look forward. Being in such a position for about a minute, you can sprinkle a little, straining the muscles of the perineum. Do the same with the other leg.
    How to sit on a twine at home
  3. This pose is a logical continuationAs described above. Straighten the body, rot your back, and raise your hands. Stretch as high as you can, combining your palms and straightening your shoulders. Being in this position for about a minute. This exercise is very useful for the spine. Change the supporting leg and repeat the same.
    How to sit on a twine at home
  4. Take the original pose: One leg is bent at the knee and thrown forward, the second stretches back. Put your hands on both sides of the leg that is in front, as shown in the picture. Pull the chest to the floor, watching its parallel position in relation to the floor surface. With each exhalation, sink lower and lower. Repeat the same with the other leg.
    How to sit on a twine at home
  5. Being in the previous position, try to touch the chest and chin to the floor.
    How to sit on a twine at home
  6. The final pose - longitudinal twine or the maximum possible for you his version.
    How to sit on a twine at home

With every day of regular training your body will become more flexible, and well-being will improve. Share useful information with your friends in social networks!