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Traps for insects

Every year with the onset of warm days II collect all my family and friends at the dacha or in the yard of the house. We note the approach of summer and fry a delicious shish kebab. In these pleasant moments we often go into the house to grab something. After that the corridor is full of insects ...

Of course, you can always take a fly swatter and get rid of the pesky flies, running after each. But if you, like me, want to save your time and energy, the best solution will be Fly trap. This option is much more effective than a fly swatter, besides the trap can be done with your own hands!

Traps for insects in the garden

Redaction "so simple!" Decided to introduce you to Effective method of creating a trap For insects. Finally you can rest easy!

"In fact, you do not have to spend money on additional materials, because everything you need for sure is at home. And when the trap is full, just throw it away! " - the author of this technology recommends William Quinn.

Traps for insects

Traps for insects

You will need

  • 100 g chicken fillet
  • 1 paper napkin
  • 1 plastic can with handle
  • 1 PET bottle
  • 200 ml of cold water
  • Fresh litter

Traps for insects


  1. As a bait, Mr. Quinn uses the corpse of a deceased chicken. Because chicken fat is a powerful means of attracting flies.

    However, the author of this article does not agree with such a barbaric method and suggests replacing the chicken for 150-200 grams of old chicken meat.

  2. Put the meat in a can.
    How to make traps for insects
  3. For the trap base, use a plastic milk container and an old plastic bottle.

    Make a side hole in the canister, insert the neck of the plastic bottle into it. So flies will fall into a trap. The smell of rotting chicken fat will attract them.

  4. Pour water into the canister so that it reaches a height of about 3 cm. Then do not forget to screw the cover of the top hole!
    Traps for flying insects
  5. For the second flies for the flies instead of chicken fat use fresh litter.
  6. Always my hands after such procedures!
    A simple trap for flying insects

After a few days, chicken fat began to rot, and it became an excellent bait for flies.

Traps for insects

The result of the experiment in the second version, which lasted 3 weeks, can be seen at 2:25 of this video. Flies buzz near this trap.

Traps from insects

In order to see how the entire process of making the trap goes, see this video.

Flies, falling into a trap, perish. As you can see, this is a fairly effective method, which will help to spend your summer days in your yard.

Recipe for insects

A huge disadvantage of this method is the smell emanating from the trap, so it should never be placed indoors!

And what do you think about this trap? If this information was useful to you - share it with your friends. We wish you only a pleasant summer evenings, let the insects do not disturb you!