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Is it possible to vaccinate a child

For some reason, we do not ask whether we needTo fasten with a belt in the car. Of course, you need, then he's a seat belt! Also no one doubts that it is necessary to wash hands before eating ... but the question of vaccinating children still does not give rest to many parents.

Often in infectious departments of children's hospitals get vaccinated children. This means that the diseases against which the vaccination is carried out are very real! Children with vaccinations and Children without vaccinations Are susceptible to various diseases. Even a cherished prick sometimes does not save from the terrible disease and deplorable consequences for health.


Whether it is possible to vaccinate a child

Dr. Komarovsky believes: All children need to be vaccinated! In prudent, sensible parents this question in principle is beyond doubt. Another thing is that the procedure must be approached in detail!

How to prepare for vaccination

  1. digestive system The child should be discharged before vaccination. A day before the vaccination should take care of it. Offer the baby food in a smaller volume than usual, preferably - only low-fat products, no sweets.
  2. An hour before the vaccination the child should not eat anything. It is advisable to drink plenty of water.
  3. Limit the child's contact with other people for 3-4Days before vaccination to avoid infections. In an out-patient department it is necessary to spend a minimum of time, it is better to plant someone from relatives in a queue and to take a walk with the child in the open air this time.

What to do after vaccination

  1. You need to walk as much as possible outdoors.
  2. Try not to overfeed your child, feed only healthy food.
  3. Let's drink as much water and other liquids - compote, tea, drinks from dried fruits.
  4. Limit communication with others to avoid infections.
  5. If the temperature rises - a doctor's consultation is required, more drinking, cool and clean air in the room.

Vaccinate a child - means to save him from serious diseases. If the baby does not have allergies and serious contraindications in order to get vaccinated, Dr. Komarowski recommends that vaccination be given. In any case, the doctor to whom you bring the child, will help to understand this issue.

The refusal of vaccinations has become a fashionableTrend. We are for a sensible approach! When it comes to your own child, you should not risk his health and go against incompetent people. Share this important article with your friends, I'm sure they will not remain indifferent to the opinion of the famous doctor!