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How to check the liver

The liver is a filter of our body and one of the most important organs. But how often we forget about this and brazenly exploit it. Oddly enough, but only 1% of the population finds out about the problem with Liver health during. To avoid such troubles with health and be able to recognize the signals of your body in time, try to pass our test.

"so simple!" Shares a simple test that can easily determine if your liver is in order and it's time to see a doctor.

Diagnosis of the liver at home

Liver problems

It is important to understand that this test is by no meansHelps to make this or that diagnosis. Such a test is a way to understand what problems your body signals about, and in time to seek help from a specialist! Answer 9 simple questions, count the scores and see the result.

Liver diagnostics at home

  1. Do you often worry about the heaviness in the right hypochondrium?
    1 - no, not at all worried
    2 - and what is there at all?
    3 - yes, worried
  2. Do frequent digestive disorders occur?
    1 - no, such problems are alien to me
    2 - I do not pay attention to such trifles
    3 - Yes, quite often
  3. Does it happen that you are sick for no reason?
    1 - no
    2 - I think the liver has nothing to do with it
    3 - Yes, I can not find a place for myself
    Symptoms of liver damage
  4. Do you often drink alcoholic beverages?
    1 - I do not drink
    2 - it happens, but not often
    3 - I like to topple a glass of red dry after work
  5. Do you have a bitter taste in your mouth?
    1 - no
    2 - Of course, when I eat something bitter
    3 - yes, it happens without a reason
    Symptoms of liver disease in men
  6. You have low immunity?
    1 - no, I'm not sick
    2 - I do not get sick more than other people
    3 - Yes, my immunity is lowered
  7. Do you think you eat right?
    1 - Yes, I eat only healthy food
    2 - sometimes right, and sometimes I burst everything
    3 - no, I do not attach much importance to my diet
    Symptoms of liver disease in women
  8. Do you take hepatoprotectors?
    1 - Yes, because I'm worried about my health
    2 - Do you need?
    3 - no, for the first time I hear
  9. When was the last time you examined the liver and digestive organs?
    1 - I do a preventive examination once a year
    2 - over a year ago
    3 - never consulted a specialist
    Sick liver symptoms

Calculate your scores and compare the result with the ones listed below!


  1. 9-15 points
    Our applause, you're a real young man! There are no reasons for concern, because health is above all for you. Continue Healthy food, Monitor the health of your liver and the body as a whole, and illnesses will not be terrible for you.
    Problems with liver symptoms
  2. 16-23 points
    A little more, and you help a specialistWill be needed. You should now revise your diet and lifestyle in general. Pay more attention to health, especially the health of your liver, arrange unloading days, eat only healthy food and feed rationally. do not forget, Healthy liver - pledge of a long happy life!
    Liver problems
  3. 24-27 points
    Your way of life will ruin you. Wake up before it's too late! This attitude to the body has a worse effect on health in general, and especially the liver suffers. The sooner you turn to a specialist, the better. do not ignore Alarming signals of the body Henceforth!
    What problems can there be with the liver

The liver tolerates to the last, but it is moreOther bodies need your care! Remember, prevention is the best medicine for the liver. It is better to avoid serious problems, rather than then try to fight them at any cost. be healthy!

How are problems with the life

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