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Dress styles for full women

The right choice of clothes, so thatSuited you for 100, is not an easy task. Especially it is sometimes difficult for full women and girls. Because when buying clothes size 46 and above there are certain nuances that need to be considered every time you update your wardrobe.

to find Beautiful clothes of large sizes very difficult. In this regard, the women spoils the mood, there are complexes, and as a rule, shopping ends with the fact that they grab the first thing that comes to hand.

Dress styles for full women for every day

But there is always a way out. Especially since the standards of beauty have recently changed in favor of dumplings, it is they who are dedicated to the whole collections of leading fashion designers and designers.

Redaction "so simple!" Has prepared for you the information that, How to choose dresses for full ladies So that clothing emphasizes all the virtues. The perfect solution!

Dress styles for full women

  1. material
    Always pay attention to the fabric of the product. From knitted and semi-transparent dresses it is better to refuse, because these materials can not emphasize the dignity of the figure. Preference is better to give silk, chiffon, denim and cotton fabrics.
    Dress styles for full women with patterns

    Do not dress in all black - it's boring. Those around you will immediately see that you are trying to hide the fullness behind the color.
    Dress styles for full women with big breasts
  2. style
    Choose straight silhouette dresses with a flared skirt or an overstated waist and a trapeze dress. The thing should visually stretch the figure, thereby making you slimmer.
    Dress styles for full women

    Try to exclude asymmetrical baggy things from the wardrobe, especially for folds and draperies that will add extra pounds to you.

    Dresses in the floor and length of the midi - that's the best option for full girls. And from short outfits it is better to refuse.

    Style dresses for fat women

  3. Type of figure
    If you have three-dimensional hips, do not choose tight dresses. Make an emphasis on the chest and waist. Girls with full shoulders and hands should not unduly expose them.
    Fashionable dress styles for full women

    If you think the abdomen is too problematic, choose dresses with a-silhouette or mask the completeness with the help of corsets and modeling underwear.
    Dresses for full women
  4. Sleeves
    Regardless of the fullness of the hands, this part of the body is considered determinative. Give up the volume cut and flashlights, they make the complete girl formless.

    Choose your choice on straight raglan sleeves. The similar cut will visually extend a neck and will give a correct silhouette to shoulders.

    Dresses for full-grown women of small size

    Do not forget about the elegant scarf, shawl, lace stole or exquisite bolero. They always perfectly complement your image!
    Fashion dresses made from knitwear for full women

  5. Decollete
    The v-neckline is the perfect complement to the fashionable Dresses for the full girl. This will also help to emphasize your dignity and demonstrate beautiful shapes.
    Dress styles for full women with an apple shape

    Decollete depth at your own discretion, but do not overdo it. Do not forget about the rules of choosing underwear!

    His style and color scheme should match the chosen one, and the bra should not look out and shine through the material.

    Fashion dresses in the floor for full women

  6. Decor and accessories
    You better give up stripes, appliqués and large floral prints. Choose vertical strips and a small cage, which will help visually draw the silhouette and will not add unnecessary.
    Fashion dresses for full women

    Do not forget that excessive decor in the abdomen and thighs is also undesirable, but the stressed waist, on the contrary, is welcomed.
    Dress styles for full low women

    Also, you should not choose the abundance of stones, pajetok and feathers. Accessories should be laconic and consistent in a single style.
    Stylish dress styles for full women

When choosing an elegant outfit, always remember these three principles: do not pursue fashion, do not buy clothes at random and, most importantly, do not forget about the proportions!

Always take into account the type of figure, because each completeGirls have their advantages and disadvantages, which you need to learn to emphasize or mask. And of course, fall in love with your body! Find the most attractive part of the figure and make a bet on it. Do not forget to smile, because a smile is the best decoration for a woman!

I wish you to look like a queen, regardless of the outfits and circumstances. And do not forget to share this important and interesting information with your friends.