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Beautiful breast shape

Sagging of the breast is an inevitable phenomenon thatSooner or later will touch every woman. Our task is to delay the inevitable and keep the elasticity of muscles and skin as long as possible. Studies have shown that the skin of the breast ages 2-3 years faster than the rest of the body. How to maintain skin elasticity and elasticity Breast shape?

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The breast lost its shape

Once every six months you have to undergo mandatory examination at a mammal, and try to get rid of bad habits as quickly as possible!

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  1. smoking
    Toxins that are contained in cigarettes,Have a negative effect on the condition of the muscle fibers. This pernicious habit over time leads to a loss of muscle elasticity. Not an exception and the muscles of the chest! The breast becomes flabby, the bust gradually begins to deform and sag. Also nicotine provokes a decrease in collagen production.
    The breast lost its shape
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  3. Abnormal posture
    Poor posture in women in the first placeAffects the back and chest. At an incorrect position of a back the breast is in unnatural position that further leads to its deformation. Women with the wrong posture can feel pain in the chest. If the situation does not change, in time you can detect Saggy bust.
    The breast lost its shape
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  5. Lack of exercise
    This is another weighty reason for the sagging breasts. Sedentary work and passive rest sooner or later will do their crafty work! Women who want to maintain their body in a tonus, it is worthwhile to practice such sports as yoga and pilates.
    The breast lost its shape
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  7. Strict diets
    Women who want to keep a good shapeBreast, it is necessary to avoid magic miracle diets. When we are hungry, there are changes that are associated not only with weight loss: muscles and skin also experience stress, lose elasticity.
    The breast lost its shape
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  9. Improperly matched bra
    This part of the women's wardrobe is closerTotal to the chest. So choose a bra with special scrupulousness. A close bodice will clamp blood vessels and disturb blood circulation. As a consequence - a violation of blood supply and the emergence of tumors.

    Over time, wearing unsuitable clothes can affect the shape of the breast. Find out in our article how to choose this intimate part of the wardrobe correctly.

    The breast lost its shape

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  11. Sun rays
    Ultraviolet light is the causePremature aging of the skin. So all women during the beach holiday should use sunscreen. Including for breast protection! However, do not abuse creams, sprays and oils, as they reduce the production of collagen.
    The breast lost its shape
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  13. Alcohol abuse
    This is a great stress for the whole body. Special damage alcoholic beverages cause the skin, provoking its flabbiness.
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It is worth noting that not always the cause of sagging breasts are the above-mentioned bad habits. Find out the exact cause and eliminate the problem will help an experienced mammologist.

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Health to you and a good mood! Be sure to share good advice with friends.