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Seedling in a Bottle

Growing vegetables for many gardeners seems a matter of no-brainer. But what if, except for the balcony, there is nothing in the apartment or is the construction of a greenhouse at the dacha too costly for the family budget?

There is a very simple and cheap way - planting plants in plastic bottles. Follow this instruction, and soon you will have a luxurious vegetable garden on the windowsill.

Seedlings in a bottle

You will need

  • plastic bottles
  • Nails
  • pliers
  • Ruler
  • Metal wire
  • marker
  • gravel
  • Soil for planting

Seedlings in a bottle


  1. Wash bottles, remove labels and glue from them.

    Seedlings in a bottle

  2. Mark the mark where the holes will be located.

    Seedlings in a bottle

  3. Cut a rectangle on the side wall of the plastic bottle. The cutout should not be too deep.

    You can make the beds hanging. To do this, move away from the plant opening for 1 cm and make punctures to fix the metal wire.

    Seedlings in a bottle

  4. Make 8 punctures at the bottom of the bottle and put the bottom of gravel to drainage effect. If you are going to hang bottles or put on a window sill, take care of the pallet.

    Seedlings in a bottle

  5. A mound in the bottle of soil in which you will plant the plants.

    Seedlings in a bottle

What can you grow in a bottle

  1. In plastic bottles, as a rule, plants with short roots are planted. Start an experiment with a bow, because he is the most unpretentious.

    Seedlings in a bottle

  2. Salad leaves grow well with abundantWatering, keeping bright taste and juiciness. Be sure to make a drain and pick up a bottle of the right size. Seeds hide in the ground to a depth of 1 cm, sprinkled with soil and cover with a food film until the appearance of sprouts. After 3 weeks, expect a green harvest.

    Seedlings in a bottle

  3. Many gardeners are happy to resort to this method Growing strawberries. There are a lot of advantages: Weeds do not bother, the risk of disease of the plant is reduced, and the berry is practically not necessary to spray. Making such a simple construction of a plastic bottle, you can get a good harvest right on the balcony.

    It is advisable to use ready-made landing soilEspecially for berry crops. In the container should be planted no more than one bush. There are no special recommendations for the care of strawberries, it requires standard measures for watering and feeding.

    Salad in a bottle

  4. Fresh crispy cucumbers can be grownLeaving the apartment. Prepare the soil: it must be porous and loose, you can buy ready in the store. For cucumbers should take a bottle of 2 or 5 liters, so that the plant had space.

    Fill the soil with a cut top of the container, drop it inHer seeds or seedlings and set down the lid (after removing it) on the bottom of the bottle. In the lower part, pour the water so that the throat section before it reaches out. Cucumbers in bottles Require the same concerns as greenhouses. You can also grow cucumbers in bottles as shown in the picture.

    Cucumbers in a bottle

Now that you know how to grow vegetables in plastic bottles, you can enjoy fresh greens from your balcony. Tell this trick to your friends!