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Massage of the stomach for weight loss

A flabby tummy is not a complete problemof people. This kind of trouble happens in pretty well-proportioned ladies, and in men who like to overturn the glass of foam after work. All the fault of the wrong diet, health problems and bad habits. Benefit exists effective method Getting rid of the fat apron on the stomach, which also will bring a lot of pleasure!

Abdominal massage

Redaction "so simple!" I am convinced that the regular Self-massage of the abdomen In a complex with physical loads and proper nutrition can transform your figure beyond recognition.

Massage belly benefit

Massage belly slimming

Is that really true? So simple, and most importantly, in a pleasant way, you can easily get rid of the hated centimeters and give your body the desired shape. Massage of the abdomen Helps not only to remove excess volume, suchThe procedure improves the skin condition and is an excellent prevention of the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite. Thanks to this massage, even digestion is improved!

Massage belly for burning fat

And having mastered the simplest methods of self-massage, you can not even attend a massage room. Most importantly - follow the instructions below, and the first result will be visible after 2 weeks!


  1. Pinch massage
    This technique will help to warm up the abdominal muscles, Smooth out the skin And increase its tone. Lie on your back and relax, legs bend in your lap. Massage with light, tingling movements. Move clockwise, gradually narrowing the diameter of the circle.

    With each round tingling should be more intense, because by the end of the session the skin should slightly turn red. Do this massage for 5 minutes.

    Massage belly slimming

  2. Water massage
    The next stage of complex self-massage forThe abdomen area is a hydromassage. This massage gives strength, increases tone and makes the figure slim. Direct a cool jet of shower on the belly, moving it clockwise.

    Lateral sections mass up and down movements. Water temperature and head pressure can be adjusted and periodically changed. Such a trick Accelerate the The desired result and improve the skin turgor. Rub your stomach with a towel and go on! 5 more minutes.

    Belly massage at home

  3. Rolling of folds
    Again lie down and bend your legs in your lap. Grab the folds in the abdomen and roll them between the fingers. During this stage, Painful sensations, But this should not scare you. Then you are doing everything right! Soothing the surface of the abdomen with gentle strokes clockwise.

    Now knuckle your fists rub your belly along. Similarly, pound the fat fold vertically downward. Do this procedure for 5 more minutes. Ended self-massage by stroking the abdomen with open palms.

    Massage of the abdomen before and after

Voila! Total 15 minutes a day Can create a real miracle. But a few simple recommendations that will help you do self-massage with maximum efficiency.

  1. Massage the abdominal area is best done an hour before meals or 2-3 hours after eating.
    Massage belly slimming
  2. During the self-massage course, in any case, you should not be lazy. everything should be in moderation. The main thing - do not forget to devote several times a week to physical exercises!
    Daily stomach massage
  3. To achieve the desired result, you need to eat rationally and correctly. But about your favorite cakes and sweets will have to forget for a while!
    Self-massage belly for weight loss

A bit of zeal, and the effect will not make you wait long! A tummy tuck and an aspen waist - here it is, the coveted result.

Self-massage of the abdomen and sides

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