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Technique of erotic massage

My aunt has a wonderful family, and I always considered her life with her husband an ideal example of what should be Relationships in a happy marriage.

She and her husband are still burning eyes when they see each other, and it seems that the energy of warmth and love comes from them. And this after 15 years of marriage and two children!

Many friends are surprised how they managed to keep their love and passion? And the answer lies in the special massage technique that my aunt learned while on a business trip in China.

Erotic massage technique

Erotic massage technique

Erotic massage can achieve relaxation,Stimulation, increased sexuality and potency. It improves mutual understanding and raises the mood. Since ancient times it is known that, by working on certain points, you can not only give pleasure, but also improve your health!

Technique is simple, and it can be mastered by every woman. Characteristic feature Erotic massage Is the lack of special skills and clear boundaries. You can do anything that gives pleasure. An important condition is relaxation and Creating a special atmosphere Full immersion.

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  1. Think over your image. It can be a long dress that excites the desire to take off it or a beautiful underwear.

    Prepare a small pillow, a towel and a massage oil,So that everything you need is at hand. And also deliver pleasant music in the style of the lounge, light candles, pull curtains and, of course, turn off the mobile phone!

    Technique of erotic massage at home

  2. Use smells. Sandal, ylang-ylang, vanilla or patchouli - these are the flavors that act as aphrodisiacs.
  3. Massage is best done on a comfortable surface. The main thing is that the place should be isolated from outside presence.
    Thai massage

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  4. Choose the right time and day. The best thing for this is the Friday evening. Try to create your own little family tradition by doing this massage once a week.
  5. Start your evening with a light dinner. For this seafood or sushi is perfect. You can use such condiments as coriander, ginger, dill, basil, red and black pepper and cardamom.
    Massage for the beloved
  6. After dinner take a joint bath. If you both feel tired after a day's work, it's best to first watch your favorite movie together or get some sleep and then just start doing the massage.

Technique of implementation

  1. Your condition is transmitted to the man through the hands, and if you are tense, this is clearly your man will feel. So it's important to be relaxed.
    Erotic massage for beloved husband
  2. Connect with the partner in the breath. For this, touch it and start breathing in time with it.
  3. Massage it is better to start from below and move up. Touch your fingertips to his feet, and then start to follow them with your hands from yourself and to yourself. Then go to the exercise "wave." For this, hold hands on the inside of his thigh from the bottom up, pause and smoothly, with a gentle movement, return your hands.
    Technique of performing Thai massage
  4. If a man is engaged in mental work and he has to make many decisions, start a massage from the top down - so you will help him to remove the burden of problems and relax.

    Start the massage from the scalp and then go over to the face and neck. All movements follow the figure-eight. Then go to the "wave" exercise. Start it from the shoulders and finish on your stomach.

  5. Using fingertips, produces circular movements, changing them to move from side to side and up and down. The speed and force of the pressure changes from weak to strong.
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  7. Start the massage with a light touch, thenChange the rhythm and intensity. With the help of breathing, light blows affect the erogenous zones of the partner. Easy touches of the tongue and lips completed massage. Gently kiss and bite your partner.

5 rules of erotic massage

  1. Use different touches. Hands, feet, lips, eyelashes ... the goal is to give as many sensations as possible to the beloved.
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  2. During the massage, the body can not be interrupted! One of the parts of the body must necessarily touch the partner, whether it's hand or hair.
  3. Love the body of a partner and genuinely enjoy it.
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  4. The knees and their reverse side are very sensitive, and it is better to bypass or touch them with a massage especially gently.
  5. On you there should be no such ornaments as rings, bracelets and pendants. They can hurt a partner during a massage.
    Technique of performing erotic massage in stages

Thanks to these techniques, you and your loved oneGet real pleasure, rest and filling. The relationship will be warmer, the husband will look forward to this day, run away from work to his beloved wife. Master the art of giving pleasure, and most importantly - do it with love!

We wish you pleasant moments spent together with your beloved person, and happy long years of living together. If you were useful for this article - share it with your friends!