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Useful free programs

Bots - outlandish "little animals" on your gadget, programmed to perform certain functions. Such a personal Computer assistant, Whose support is simply irreplaceable inCompletely different life situations. Search for literature, the choice of a restaurant or movie for the evening, foreign language lessons and even educational games - all this is now in the favorite telegram messenger.

Telegram bots

So, the edition "so simple!" Picked up for you 22 most useful botTelegram, which will fit for different occasions. And most importantly - everything in one application. Well, is not it a miracle? You only need to download the free program to your phone or computer, and select the necessary bots. All the rest little assistants will do for you!

Bots in the telegram

Useful free programs

Educational bots

  1. @science_pop is a great bot with select scientific articles and videos. Well, very useful thing!
  2. @andyrobot - this charming Englishman will help you tighten up your language skills. Just ask, and he will easily talk with you on any topic in English.
  3. @nationalgeographic_bot - these are the best national geographic photos from around the world. You just need to choose a topic.
    Bots in the telegram
  4. @misis_bot - this modest bot will help to find all sorts of educational materials from the library of the Russian National Research Technological University "mysis".
  5. @phistory - Bot unobtrusively draws your knowledge in history, dropping several historical photos a day. And necessarily with explanations.
  6. @flibustafreebookbot - and this bot downloads absolutely any book of any author in any format. very helpful!
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Entertaining bots

  1. @hangbot - loved to play "the gallows"? Now it can be played in the messenger.
  2. @chgk_bot - bot with simple questions of the favorite game "what? Where? when?".
  3. @zodiac_bot - confess, do you believe in horoscopes? Then this actual bot for you!
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  4. @movie_bot - if you do not know what movie this movie looks like today, this bot will help out! Defined with the category, and then just choose from the options offered by the bot.
  5. @delorean_bot - feel yourself as a doc, and send this message to the future! Or just set a reminder, the bot does a great job with this task.
  6. @questgamebot - the quest in real time. Try, suddenly enjoy.
    Telegram bots useful
  7. @buktopuhabot is a real quiz in Russian with a hundred participants. Very exciting!
  8. @chess_bot - and with this bot you can play a chess game if there is no partner.
    Bots of entertainment telegrams

Functional bots

  1. @grammarnazibot - if you send this message to the bot, it will immediately correct all the errors. Well, and literacy!
  2. @topdf_bot is an excellent bot that converts any photo or document into a pdf in one click.
  3. @weatherman_bot - the morning begins with the question "what's out there in the window?" To this smart guy.
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  4. @pravorubot - free legal adviceFrom professionals in their field. I can not believe it, can it? The trick is that lawyers use this bot to improve their practical skills, and they also benefit the customers. Such is mutual assistance.
  5. @temp_mail_bot - this bot will create an email box in no time, if you need to quickly register somewhere. However, after 10 minutes the box will evaporate.
  6. @storebot - all bot bot! Help find an assistant for every taste.
    Useful and free programs for the computer
  7. @saytextbot - and such a bot is able to convert your message into an audio file. Convenient and fun!
  8. @clarabot - get acquainted with Clara. She is your virtual assistant in the Internet world. Just like the right hand!
    Free useful programs

As you see, all the bots for telegram are damn useful. Our fearless editorial has experienced it!

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