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Individual Diet

Diet "three graces" Developed by Belgian dieticians specificallyfor women. Physicians found that the love of these or other products and taste preferences depend on the level and correlation of various hormones in the body.

Dieticians from Belgium believe that a balanced diet can be adjusted Hormonal background, And accordingly - to reduce weight. Choose who you are - a Venus, a nymph or an Amazon, and be healthy!

Individual diet

Individual diet

  1. The first type of figure is Venus. These are women with thin skin and rounded forms, most often are susceptible to cellulite. Hips and sides - the most problematic places. Have a passion for dairy and sour-milk products.
    Individual diet

    In the diet of Venus must necessarily include a variety of cheeses, raw and stewed vegetables, vegetable soups, freshly squeezed juices, low-fat cottage cheese.

    day 1
    Breakfast: a glass of fresh fruit juice and 200 grams of cottage cheese.
    Dinner: light vegetable salad dressed with olive oil.
    Dinner: fresh vegetables, 30 grams of hard cheese, a glass of apple juice.

    Day 2
    Breakfast: a glass of orange juice and a whole-grain bread and cheese sandwich.
    Dinner: 2 apples and a salad of cucumbers and tomatoes.
    Dinner: steamed pollack, stewed vegetables.

    Day 3
    Breakfast: a glass of orange juice and 200 grams of cottage cheese.
    Dinner: salad of tuna, green onions and eggs.
    Dinner: a stew of zucchini and 150 g of boiled beef.

  2. The second type of figure is the nymph. Women of low height with narrow hips and not particularly pronounced waist. Most often excess fatty deposits in their stomach area. Like fish, vegetables and fruits.
    Individual diet

    Because of the lack of estrogen nymphs doctors recommend eating dried fruits and nuts, corn, tomatoes, sweet peppers, brown rice.

    day 1
    Breakfast: muesli with dried fruits and low-fat yoghurt.
    Lunch: vegetable stew.
    Dinner: steamed brown rice with bell pepper and canned corn.

    Day 2
    Breakfast: muesli with skim yoghurt.
    Lunch: canned corn with onions and tomatoes, a handful of walnuts.
    Dinner: boiled rice with dressing from toasted ground beef with sweet pepper.

    Day 3
    Breakfast: muesli with fresh fruit and milk.
    Dinner: salad of grated carrots and apples, dressed with olive oil, 1-2 slices of whole grain bread.
    Dinner: once from lentils with tomatoes.

  3. The third type of figure is the Amazon. Low, tightly built women, lovers of meat dishes. Often doctors note they have an excess of male hormones.
    Individual diet

    For amazons it is recommended: fillets of turkey and chicken, leaf salad and salads from fresh vegetables, macaroni products from durum wheat.

    day 1
    Breakfast: fruit salad.
    Lunch: spaghetti on vegetable broth with lemon-mustard dressing.
    Dinner: steamed turkey fillet, salad of raw carrots on garnish.

    Day 2
    Breakfast: a glass of juice and 150 g of low-fat cottage cheese.
    Lunch: salad of carrots and apples, 2 kiwi.
    Dinner: low-fat chicken broth with a slice of chicken fillet, boiled white rice.

    Day 3
    Breakfast: 200 g low-fat cottage cheese and a few lettuce leaves.
    Lunch: salad from chicken fillet and grapefruit.
    Dinner: spaghetti with vegetable stew.

As you can see, the menu is designed for 3 days and quite diverse. For this period you can throw off from 1.5 to 3 kg. If this result is not enough, just repeat the order!

Diet is balanced And has no contraindications. An obligatory condition for owners of all types of figure - to drink at least 1.5 liters of water without gas per day.

Girlfriends will be happy to learn about a new way to lose weight without harm to health!