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Prevention of cataracts

Recently, American scientists have sharedWonderful news: found drops that will not do surgery to replace the clouded lens with cataracts! Every year around 10 million such operations are done in the world.

Operation is expensive, not everyone has a financialThe ability to do it. It happens that according to medical indications the operation can not be done at all! Droplets, of which we were happy to learn, will be much more affordable, and their storage period is 5-7 years.

Cataract drops

Prevention of cataracts

Drops that cure cataracts without surgery contain Lanosterol - a substance capable of dissolving protein compounds in the lens. Lanostero is present in the eyes of a healthy person, but over time, its amount decreases, increasing the chances of getting sick. Cataract treatment Will be absolutely safe!

Cataract is an age-related disease, especiallyIt is relevant for those over 60. However, early cataracts are known. Pay attention to these symptoms: if you notice similar changes in your vision, be sure to go to the doctor!

Signs of cataracts

  1. Increased or decreased photosensitivity. It seems as if everything around has become dimmer, it is painful to look in bright light. Contours of objects lose their clarity.
  2. The pupil changes color, can become grayish or yellowish.
  3. The development of myopia in young people, and vice versa - the improvement of vision with age in those who have seen poorly before 50.

If you feel that your vision has begun to deteriorateAnd there are difficulties in reading and other cases common to the eyes, be sure to check with a doctor! After all, if the disease is detected in time, the chances of you taking action and not getting blind will increase.

"so simple!" Wishes you and your family good health! Share this important information with your friends.