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The Six Petals Diet

This well-known Swedish diet Thought out to trifles! Separate food is what is needed for everyone who can not lose weight or has encountered the effect of a plateau.

The results are inspiring! For 6 days of strict compliance with the menu you can lose from 4 to 7 kg, while the body will be cleared of toxins. While dieting, drink as much water as possible! The psychological moment is also important. Anna Johansson, the author of the diet, calls each night to visualize how one tear off one petal from a large flower - it means that the day passed with benefit for the figure!

Having learned about this nutrition plan, I could not resist and tried ... the effect is simply fantastic! Body was tightened, I lost 3 kg, cheerfulness appeared. Petal diet Became my favorite.

Diet six petals reviews

Diet "six petals"

Fish day

  1. Breakfast (8:00): Boiled fish
  2. Lunch (11:00): baked fish
  3. Lunch (14:00): Rich ear, but without vegetables and other ingredients
  4. Afternoon snack (17:00): Steamed fish
  5. Dinner (20:00): Boiled fish

The menu of the first day of the diet is designed for 500 grams of fish. Drink of the day - unsweetened green tea. Do not forget to drink as much water as possible! Try to salt less food, you can replace salt with fresh lemon juice and season the dishes with fresh herbs.

Vegetable day

  1. Breakfast (8:00): 2 grated carrots
  2. Lunch (11:00): Mashed potatoes on the water
  3. Lunch (14:00): Mix of stewed vegetables
  4. Afternoon snack (17:00): Whole vegetables, steamed
  5. Dinner (20:00): raw vegetables

The recommended number of vegetables to be eaten per day is 1.5 kg. You can drink vegetable juices, tea, coffee.

Chicken day

  1. Breakfast (8:00): Boiled chicken breast
  2. Lunch (11:00): Baked chicken fillet
  3. Lunch (14:00): chicken bouillon
  4. Afternoon snack (17:00): Chicken (without skin) on the grill
  5. Dinner (20:00): Boiled chicken breast

For a day you can eat 500 g of chicken. Drink water with lemon juice!

Cereal day

  1. Breakfast (8:00): Sprouted wheat, boiled on water, cereal loaf
  2. Lunch (11:00): Buckwheat porridge on the water
  3. Lunch (14:00): Boiled rice
  4. Afternoon snack (17:00): Oatmeal on water, nuts or seeds
  5. Dinner (20:00): Buckwheat on the water

The menu of the day is designed for 200 g of cereals (dry product). You can drink herbal tea, tea, coffee.

Cottage cheese day

  1. Breakfast (8:00): Cottage cheese, 1-2 spoons of natural yogurt
  2. Lunch (11:00): Cottage cheese with the addition of 1-2 tablespoons of milk
  3. Lunch (14:00): cottage cheese
  4. Afternoon snack (17:00): Cottage cheese with the addition of 1-2 tablespoons of milk
  5. Dinner (20:00): cottage cheese

It is allowed to eat 500 grams of cottage cheese during the day.

Fruit day

  1. Breakfast (8:00): 2 red apples, black coffee
  2. Lunch (11:00): Banana
  3. Lunch (14:00): Orange, grapes
  4. Afternoon snack (17:00): Kiwi, pineapple
  5. Dinner (20:00): 2 green apples

The recommended amount of fruit on that day is 1.5 kg. You can drink fresh fruit juices.

Menu for every day It's also useful to your friends - show them this magic scheme of meals! They will be satisfied.