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Points in the palm of your hand

Biologically active pointsPalms are a means by whichSin is no use! The Chinese believe that these special points are located on the meridians, over which the vital energy circulates. Working on them, we can heal any diseases!

Your whole world is placed in the palm of your hand, and this is notHigh-spirited words! Stimulation of these points helped me get rid of headaches and chronic insomnia. I'm sure such a simple therapy will help you feel much better.

Point on the palm of the photo

Points on the palm of your hand

  1. thumb
    To influence the points more actively, use a copper coin. By clicking on the dots on the thumb, you can adjust the Work of the spleen and stomach, And also cope with depression and anxiety.
  2. forefinger
    Points on the index finger are responsible for the well-coordinated work of the kidneys and bladder. To massage the index finger is useful for those who often doubt and are subject to mood changes.
  3. middle finger
    When problems with the liver and gall bladder, muzzle the middle finger! Surprisingly, but if you are not in the mood today, pinching points on the middle finger will quickly raise your spirits and lead you into tonus.
  4. Ring finger
    Clicking on the ring finger, you will improve the work of the large intestine and stomach. It is useful to massage active points for those who have skin problems and disruptions in digestion.
  5. little finger
    Problems with the heart and spine, sore throat and bloating - everything will pass if you take the habit of clicking on the active points located on the little finger.

dot, Centrally located, Will help cope with disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. The fleshy part of the palm is responsible for the good work of the endocrine system.

Points of a sujok on the palm of your hand It is recommended to massage in the morning and in the evening: this will significantly support your health. Besides, it's such a pleasant procedure ... show your friends this article, without a doubt, they will appreciate it!