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Pain in the knee when flexing

Every day our knees feel colossalLoad. Excess weight, lack of physical activity, or vice versa: excessive stress, suffered trauma, age-related changes and even improper diet can all become Cause of pain in the knees.

There is a way that helps to relieve the pain when Knee joints ache. Of course, it is better to treat the knees comprehensively and completely change the way of life so as not to experience discomfort. But in an emergency situation will help out this method!

Knee pain when flexing

To remove the terrible aching pain in the knee, youYou just need a regular terry towel! I checked this trick more than once, and not only on myself. When her grandmother began to ache knee joints, helped her to do this easy exercise. How she thanked me!

Knee extension

  1. Make a towel from a thick roller.
  2. Gently bend your leg in the knee and put your foot on the edge of the chair on which you sit. Clamp the crook of the cushion and try to relax the leg as much as possible.
  3. Stretch the knee joint gently but surely. This will help to quickly calm down the pain!

How to do this procedure, you will see in this video. Remember that when swelling of the knee, you should immediately consult a doctor.

when Knee hurts when walking, This stretch should be repeated in the morning and in the evening,regularly. Also do not forget to stretch after sports: this not only increases their effectiveness, but also reduces the risk of injury. Correct stretching - a guarantee of strong muscles and healthy joints!

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