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Cold wrapping

Every second woman suffers from cellulite, and everyone worries. You will be surprised, but phlebeurysm - no less common problem!

"so simple!" Will share with you a prescription for a cheap but effective wrap that relieves the painful sensations of varicose veins. Very good this Mask of potatoes Helps if the legs are very tired!

Cold wrap photo

Cold wrap

You will need

  • Raw potatoes
  • Food film

Application of

Bring the grated raw potatoes to their feet, wrap them with food film. Hold the compress on your feet for half an hour, wash the potatoes with cool water.

Mask of potato starch Remarkably tones up the vessels! You will immediately feel relief, especially if there is swelling near the veins. Share this valuable advice with your friends, maybe they do not know about such an affordable tool against varicose veins!