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Facts about the eyes

eyes - an organ that allows a person to live a full life,Admire the wonders of the surrounding world, interact with the society. We understand the important role played by the eyes, but rarely think about why we blink, whether blood enters the cornea and other interesting things ...

Human eye

"so simple!" Opens the veil over the secrets of the human body and brings 10 most amazing facts about the human eye.

Facts about the eyes

  1. The human eye perceives more than 10 million colors.
  2. Cornea of ​​the eye Is the only part of the human body to which blood does not flow. Oxygen for the functioning it receives directly from the air.
  3. Eye - high-speed computer. It is estimated that the "operative" of our organ of vision for an hour processes 36 thousand bits of information! Continuous perception, processing and transmission to the brain.
  4. retina Our eyes perceive information inverted, and already the brain puts the image of the surrounding world back on its feet.
  5. The retina has both red, and blue, and greenReceptors, but the red color can not be distinguished. Again, the brain takes matters into its own hands and transforms the resulting yellow-green and blue-green gamma into a red color.
  6. During the first year of life Color of human eyes can change.
  7. Green eyes color - most rare.
  8. Originally the eye color in people was brown, blue eyes arose as a result of a mutation about 6,000 years ago.
  9. Tears of a man Depending on what they are caused by (joy, sadness or an external stimulus), differ in composition.
  10. And yes, our eyes distinguish 50 thousand shades of gray.

Enjoy the beauty of the world much more pleasantly, when there is no problem with Healthy eyes. To permanently maintain visual acuity, it is necessary to regularly perform gymnastics for the eyes. This is especially true for people who spend a lot of time in front of a computer monitor.

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