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Cleansing the lungs

Without oxygen, human existence is impossible. Consequently, Lung health - a necessary condition for a person's full life. To keep their lungs clean, it is necessary to live in places with perfect ecology, but not everyone gets such luxury.

"so simple!" Has identified 6 main points, following which one can retain the ability to breathe a full breast until a very old age.

Purification of the lungs

  1. Quit smoking. It's not just harmful, it's a killer habit. smoking - the most severe harm that can only be inflicted by the lungs. Pull yourself together is not so difficult, you really want to.
  2. breathing exercises Will help easy to clean mechanically. Superficial breathing is often a consequence of a weak function of the lungs or a sedentary lifestyle. Deep breathing, on the contrary, allows the lungs to open and bring out the accumulated mucus.

    At least once a day retire to breathe in the full volume of his chest. Cautiously: from excess of oxygen the head can become dizzy!

  3. Do you know that pistachios, oat broth in milk, honey and garlic contribute to healthy lung function and reduce the risk of developing Lung cancer.
  4. Reduce the number of sources of air pollutionIn your home: identify and eliminate the mold, stop using aggressive synthetic detergents, remove, at last, from the walls carpets accumulating dust.
  5. Excellent cleaning results give Inhalation On the basis of juniper, oak bark, leaves or eucalyptus oil, lavender, mint. Also help to clear the lungs of regular walks in the coniferous forest.
  6. Teas from thyme, elecampane, peppermint, lungwort, coltsfoot, licorice root have been known for hundreds of years, if not more, as natural remedies for fighting respiratory diseases.

One of the main conditions for the preservation of lung health, and accordingly life, - an annual fluorographic examination. tuberculosis Still remains in the top ten diseases that take millions of lives around the world.