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Walking barefoot

This is one of the simplest methods of recovery,Which I know! How nice to walk barefoot on the grass, to feel its freshness with the skin of the feet ... walking barefoot is a procedure that stimulates and restores metabolism. Only 10 minutes a day is enough to start to lose weight, look younger and less tired!

Barefoot walking

Barefoot walking

of course, Barefoot in the snow Only trained, hardened people can walk. More really walk just on the grass or the ground, but not less useful!

On the soles of the feet there are many activePoints that are responsible for the proper operation of internal organs. The feet, hidden in the shoes, are deprived of the effect on these points. It is very important to stimulate them by doing foot massage, and even better - just take off your shoes and take a walk in the garden, on the lawn, on the grass near the house.

In a few days of such walks you will notice that you have become more alert. Pains in the back and legs go away, the renewal of all cells of the body begins. Go barefoot regularly Advises professor ivan neumyvakin Those who are not in order nervous system, who often do not get enough sleep and suffer from a headache. Also it will help to restore a metabolism and to dump superfluous kgs!

It is not worth asking, Can I walk barefoot: This is shown to everyone! I advise you to try at the first opportunity and to feel how great it is ... wish good health friends by showing them our article!