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Diet for the waist

Diet for a flat stomach First of all excludes products that canCause flatulence or poor performance of the gastrointestinal tract. I was attracted by the fact that the food plan is simple, the products are very affordable and tasty, and the result is quick. You only need to last 1 week! An ideally flat stomach will become your pride.

Flat stomach for a week

Diet for the waist

The basis of nutrition on this diet is kefir! Every day you need to drink 0.5 liters of fermented milk, combining it with various products.

Menu for the week

  1. Monday: Boiled chicken breast.
  2. Tuesday: baked potato.
  3. Wednesday: Any fruit, except bananas.
  4. Thursday: Potatoes boiled in a uniform.
  5. Friday: Any fruit.
  6. Saturday: Vegetables.
  7. Sunday: Boiled chicken breast.

To obtain slim stomach At the end of this diet, it is necessary to adhere toSeveral rules. First, to divide the food into 6 receptions and not to miss them. Also it is not necessary to overeat! The principle of losing weight on such nutrition is a thoughtful combination of unloading days, because the diet not only does not harm the body, but it also benefits.

During the diet are allowed dried fruits in smallQuantities. I used them for dessert. You can also drink coffee in the mornings, but without sugar, and any unsweetened drinks throughout the day. A week is very little, it is worth to suffer, then to be proud of your figure and willpower ...

Tell your friends about this wonderful scheme for losing weight, for sure they will also want to try it out!