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Aloe with honey

Medicine from aloe Can be compared with a charger for our body: this plant increases immunity, instantly improving the general condition and helping to cope with serious diseases.

Allantoin, Which is present in the medicinal plant withExcess, stimulates cell renewal. To enhance this effect helps honey. This miracle tincture is known as a remedy for gastritis, it also relieves dry cough and helps cure bronchitis.

Even if you do not experience any ailments, drinkThis tincture is still very useful. I recommend you keep this recipe for yourself. If you have fresh aloe and you do not know how to process it, so that it retains all its useful qualities, the best choice is this medicinal tincture!

Aloe with honey treatment of stomach

Aloe with honey


  • 400 g fresh aloe juice
  • 600 g of honey
  • 600 g of cahors


  1. Carefully stir all the components of the remedy.
  2. Pour the mixture into glassware and refrigerate.
  3. Take tincture 3 times a day for 2 tbsp. L. before eating.

Aloe juice with honey Heals sinusitis, asthma, improves digestion andCan even treat gastritis! In addition, it is a wonderful remedy for strengthening immunity. Treatment with such a tincture - no more than 3 weeks, then you need to take a break for 2 weeks.

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