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Remedy for eczema

Eczema is a very common skin disease. The acute form is characterized by terrible itching and red rashes on the skin.

"so simple!" In no way Treatment of eczema with folk remedies, But we know an effective drug that relieves inflammation and alleviates the symptoms of the disease. It is an emollient oat bath!

Eczema remedy for photos

Remedy for eczema

You will need

  • sock
  • oat flakes

Application of

  1. Pour oat flakes into the sock and tie it.
  2. Suspend the sock on the faucet so that the water that flows into the bathroom flows through it.
  3. Typing water, you can take a gentle bath, soothing the skin and removing irritation.

Skin eczema treatment - a complex process, but such a bath with a natural component will help get rid of itching and reduce the rash. It is also useful to do a bath with nettles, the reception with a sock in this case will also work!

Tell your friends about this tool! Oatmeal bath is useful to do everything: the skin will be amazingly velvety ...