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Why there is pain

Our body is a complex system of processes and mechanisms, sometimes inaccessible to an ordinary person without medical education. For example, why Permanent pain in the neck - an occasion to visit the pulmonologist, and the discomfort on the inside of the left hand indicates problems with the heart?

Why does my neck hurt?

Why there is pain

Repelled (irradiating) pain - it's a pain in the body,Located remotely from the hearth of pain. The trick is that a person may not even suspect the danger that threatens him, and write off everything for sprains or muscle neuralgia.

It is therefore important to know which Type of reflected pain To which vital organ corresponds. Look at the drawing!

Why there is pain

  1. a heart. For heart problems, pain can occur either directly in the chest area to the left, or from the inside of the hand (with angina pectoris) or between the scapula.
  2. lungs. Constant aching pain on the right side of the neck and shoulder - an occasion to check the lungs.
  3. Liver and gallbladder. Insidious kind of pain, because the patient is inclined to think that its cause is a sedentary lifestyle, stoop, muscle tension ...
  4. Stomach and pancreas. As a rule, the diseases of these organs cause pain directly at their location, but, for example, 50% of patients with chronic pancreatitis also complain of back pain.
  5. small intestine. Pain in the navel can indicate inflammation in the small intestine. Do not rule out the likelihood of appendicitis.
  6. Appendix and large intestine. Hurts in the right ileum? Go straight to the surgeon: do not joke with an appendix!
  7. Kidneys Often kidney disease is difficult to diagnose, since the pain is very often spread almost throughout the lower back, hips, abdomen.
  8. bladder. If you have problems with urinary pain, you can either front or back of the pelvis. A trip to the hospital should not be postponed.
  9. Ovaries. Pain on both sides of the abdomen in women can indicate inflammation or other ovarian disease. It is necessary to urgently address to the gynecologist.

The types of reflected pain on this list do not end, "so simple!" Chose the most common. It is important to remember and realize that the problem can often not be where the pain is felt.

Take care of yourself and friends do not forget to inform!