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Rubber bands for bracelets

Who would have thought that Beautiful bracelets of rubber, Which are so fond of children, can beAre so harmful. A fever of weaving cute crafts captured schools and kindergartens, but along with a fascinating handmade, a dangerous substance for children arrived!

Creative development of the child is an importantUpbringing. The problem is that many products for children's creativity have too high a cost. As a result, the market appears cheap imitations from China, completely unpredictable in its composition ...

Elastic bands for bracelets harm

Rubber bands for bracelets

Plaiting set Rubber bracelets, made in china, withThe probability of 50% may be fake and contain formaldehyde. This toxin causes allergic reactions and may be the cause of malignant tumors. Also, it negatively affects the work of the nervous and visual systems.

Weakness and lethargy - the least that feelsA child in constant contact with a hazardous substance. Children like to wear these wicker ornaments without taking off. The effects of interaction with formaldehyde can become visible after years: the internal organs of the child are easily influenced by chemistry, and in the future, health problems can not be achieved!

It is better to buy proven products thatSold in certified stores. So you protect the child from obvious danger! Modern children are often prone to allergies and diseases of the upper respiratory tract, and all because they are in contact with a huge amount of harmful substances daily ...

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