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Than to treat a vaginitis

Sooner or later, any woman is forced to consult a doctor with symptoms that she is embarrassed to talk about. redness, Itching of the genitals, Swelling of the mucosa, pain in the lower abdomen, foul smelling discharge ...

Than to treat vaginitis

Vaginitis - inflammation of the vaginal mucosa, provoked by pathogenic bacteria or fungi. According to statistics, they suffer every third woman of childbearing age.

To understand The cause of vaginitis, It is important to remember that many different microorganisms (useful and pathogenic) live in the vagina. Their balance depends on the age of the woman, the way of life, the function of the ovaries.

Than to treat vaginitis

These factors affect the content in the wallsVagina glycogen, which, turning into lactic acid in a sufficiently high concentration (pH 4-4.5), does not allow the spread of harmful bacteria. Alkaline environment in the vagina can provoke Gynecological diseases.

Than to treat vaginitis

The advice we offer sounds strange, but this is what some gynecologists who are really interested in preserving women's health recommend to use for women!

Applying Antibiotics for the treatment of vaginitis, You can aggravate the problem by provoking the spread of a fungal infection. Chemical preparations can cause and allergic reactions, and excessive dryness.

At the same time, there are Natural remedies for the normalization of microflora Female genital organs and eliminatingUndesirable manifestations of vaginitis. It is important: before starting any treatment, you should first take tests and find out which pathogen triggered the disease (bacterial or fungal).

Than to treat vaginitis

Broth chamomile From time immemorial helped women maintain their health. 2 tbsp. L. Dry flowers chamomile fill 1 liter of water, bring to a boil and let it brew for 5-10 minutes. Carry out rinsing and syringing taking into account the severity of the disease. After the normalization of microflora chamomile can not be used.

For the prevention of vaginalInfections, eat enough dairy products, use linen from natural fabrics, and use gentle means containing lactic acid for intimate hygiene.

It is also important: inspire your partner to rinse before starting sexual intercourse to minimize the penetration of foreign bacteria into the vagina.

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