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Motivation for losing weight

Justine McCabe - the heroine of this inspirational story. A woman at 31 years weighed as much as 141 kg!

Her fate fell hard tests: In the beginning the mother died, in a year the husband committed suicide. Justine found consolation in gluttony and very quickly gained excess weight, although before that it was quite plump ... but then something amazing happened!

Slimming before and after a woman

Motivation for losing weight

A woman once and for all decided to get rid ofExcess weight and start a new life. Grief completely undermined her health, ruthlessly spoiled the figure, she was so lonely ... Justine did not give up, as many would have done in her place. She sat on a very strict diet and went to the gym.

Motivation for training Was simple: the woman wanted to live, not to exist. Also Justine dreamed with the help of training to defeat depression.

Slimming before and after the real photo

Pictures "before and after" that we offer to yourAttention, also helped Justine not get off the right track! She published photos of her gradual transformation into instagram, and this became a wonderful motivation. The girl was also supported by an online coach, who was always in touch.

Slimming before and after motivation

For a year, Justine dropped 57 kg! she knew, How to motivate yourself to lose weight. "I realized that if I want to continue to live without my beloved husband and mother, I must look at the fears in my face. All in order to live a life that they could be proud of. "

Gym slimming women

This video shows how much the body of a woman has changed in a year ... the impossible is possible.

I admire people who are able to take themselvesIn the hands in all circumstances. Because no matter how difficult, there is always a way out, and one who does not tire of working, gets a well-deserved reward! Justin's story proves that a person is capable of everything, he only needs to really want it.

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