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Water with food

Water is the most necessary element forMaintenance of health, working capacity and youth of our body. Water is useful and very necessary, and its proper use will help prevent a number of diseases.

Studies on the benefits of water for the human body have been conducted for many years, but so far scientists have been unable to determine when it is more useful to drink: before or after meals?

"so simple!" Will argue, and you decide!

Cold water with food

Water with food

Water before eating

  1. Water before eating Helps to satiate the body and reduce the number ofCalories consumed during meals. More simply, filling the stomach with water, you eat less food. And using clean water with food, instead of other cold drinks with lots of sugar, you save your figure from excess calories.
  2. A glass of water before meals cleans the body of toxins, maintains the normal lymphatic system and speeds up metabolism, and also effectively cleanses the stomach and intestines.
  3. Water saturates the body with moisture. After sleep our body is dehydrated, that's why it is important to drink water before breakfast. And yet, A glass of water before eating Will help to accelerate the metabolism and will give an energy boost for the whole day.

Water after eating

Water helps digestion. For a long time it was believed that water prevents good digestion of food. However, recent studies have shown that water is just helping this process. Besides, Water after eating Allows the body to quickly learn useful substances.

Remember that drinking water is useful and necessary, and when it is done, it all depends on you. Getting enough water every day, you will always be in good shape, well-being and well-being.

But what do you say to that?