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Than watermelon is useful

The advent of summer every year is associated with the arrival on my table of my most favorite delicacy - watermelon. Personally it seems to me that we are trying to buy a watermelon almost every day!

But for years of eating this fine product ISo never thought about how much and what is useful watermelon! And now, as it turned out, watermelon has a huge impact on the body ... always knew that this is an excellent source of moisture, but could not expect that he is able to improve kidney health and Lower blood pressure!!

Than watermelon for an organism is useful

Than watermelon is useful

If you are a true fan of this juicy delicacy, then this list of useful properties of watermelon is for you!

Watermelon properties

  1. Improves skin health
    If you feel as if you are in a stateEternal war for skin health, or just want to add a bit of radiance and freshness to it, try to introduce a watermelon into your diet. According to research, vitamin a in watermelon contributes to the restoration of tissues and contributes to the fresh appearance of the skin of the whole body.
  2. Heals the heart
    Anyone who suffers from heart problems or has chest pain, in any case should see a doctor. But experts agree that Lycopene, Contained in watermelon, strengthens the heart muscle. Moreover, vitamin c, carotenoids and potassium help to reduce cholesterol and protect your heart from dangerous conditions.
  3. Improves kidney health
    The exit of the kidney stone can be your most painful experience, so never forget to take care of Maintaining kidney health. Our grandmothers knew about this, but scientists also confirm that consumption of watermelons improves urination without any stress for the kidneys.
  4. Improves eye health
    Adding to the diet more watermelon, you can easilyImprove the health of the eyes and increase visual acuity. Vitamin A, contained in watermelons, protect against age-related changes in the eye muscle, and also prevent the so-called night blindness.
  5. Affects the health of bones
    The importance of bone health is difficult to overestimate, especially in adulthood. Fortunately, watermelons contain lycopene and calcium, extremely useful for the strength of bones and preventing their damage.
  6. Lowers blood pressure
    Many people try to lower blood pressureThrough training and diets, and they definitely should include a watermelon in their diet. Magnesium and potassium, which are contained in watermelon, are excellent in helping to lower blood pressure.
  7. Struggles with asthma
    Experts argue that the high content ofWatermelon Vitamin C helps reduce the risk of asthma. And those who already suffer from this disease, the beneficial substances contained in watermelons, will help improve the overall condition of the lungs.

For those who are already eating watermelons, this is great news, and those who have not yet had time to cut off the juicy hunk, it's time to run to the store for the green-striped handsome!