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Harmful drinks

Research scientists prove that the usual "Coca-Cola" More harmful than alcoholic beverages. The same can be said of any sweet and fizzy drink: a glass of soda harms the body incomparably greater than a pile of vodka! But in fact many people consume sweet water every day ...

Harmful Coca Cola drinks

Harmful drinks

Damage to Coca-Cola Is the huge amount of sugar that is contained in the drink. Even a small bottle of fizzy drink is a real poison.

Liver and pancreas instantlyReact to the sugar that is present in the drink. High levels of insulin, increased blood sugar and blood pressure. All glucose, which is present in the drink, immediately turns into fat cells. Think only 10 teaspoons of sugar in one bottle! This is how many extra centimeters on the waist ...

The use of sweet carbonated drinks is the main cause of diabetes and obesity, but that's not all. phosphoric acid, Which is contained in the "coca-cola", bindsCalcium, magnesium and zinc in the lower intestine, and they are excreted from the body in an accelerated mode! And we already get an insufficient number of these elements with food ... as a result, the bones become brittle and the metabolism worsens.

To potentially hazardous beveragesYou can also include all energy and sweet juices with preservatives: all because of the high sugar content. In comparison with this drink even alcoholic beer - the most useful product!

Before you quench your thirst againSoda, think about our article. Minute pleasure can be worth your health ... share this information with your friends, because some people drink "Coca-Cola" every day!