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Holes on the nails

Look at your nails: do you see the light crescents at their base? That's what it is Holes, Or lunula.

Wells on nails

As a rule, most people have them from birth, but with age can disappear on some of the fingers at all, and on some - fade ... it turns out, Well status This or that nail can indicate the condition of certain organs!

Wells on nails

Wells on nails

Official medicine allows Diagnosis of diseases according to the condition of nails, In particular the wells. You can check your health right now!

if Lunula Are present on the nails of all fingers - this is a sign of excellent health. But faded, weakly or completely absent wells give an occasion to listen to your body.

  1. Lunula Thumb Most visible and reflects the state of theBrain and lungs. In heavy smokers, it may fade or diminish greatly, but the vanished hole on this finger may indicate that the person is not quite adequate or even suffers from schizophrenia.
  2. Vanished hole on Forefinger Speaks of a malfunction in the work of the large intestine, liver and pancreas, as well as chronic diseases of ENT organs.
  3. middle finger Is responsible for the cardiovascular system. The absence of a hole on it can be a response to manifestations of vegetative dystonia, pressure jumps and disturbances of the heart rhythm. It is worth treating the vessels!
  4. Slab An unnamed finger Speaks about the problems of the lymphatic system, disruptions in the work of the endocrine system and the disturbed metabolism.
  5. Hole Little finger Can disappear almost first, because it reflects the state of the small intestine, which is slagged first.

It is also worth paying attention to the color of the availableLunul. Yellow speaks about obvious problems with the liver, bluish indicates a weak heart, white specks mean that the body lacks zinc, and yellow indicates a violation of the brain.

Your friends will also be useful to conduct rapid diagnostics on the nails!