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Treatment with foil

Aluminum foil - a unique material. Treatment with foil was practiced in ancient China: the foil was applied to biologically active points responsible for the work of sick organs.

Today you will learn how to get rid of aching joint pain with the help of ordinary food foil! All thanks to its reflective properties with an incredible healing effect ... Treatment of joints with foil - Perhaps, the cheapest method, you should not doubt its efficiency!

Foil treatment

Foil treatment

A detailed description of the method, how you can be treated with foil, we owe the doctor-psychotherapist Wilhelm Reich. Foil can cure colds, sciatica, cervical osteochondrosis and even gout!

The foil applied to the sore spot reflects the biocurrents in the energy meridian from which they originate. This positively affects the diseased organ associated with the meridian, and the pain disappears.

Treatment with aluminum foil - simple thing. Mash the sore spot with foil, for example, the bones on the legs. Fix the magic tool with a bandage. The foil must be applied to the sore spot with a shiny side!

My joints ached regularly, in particularWhen the weather changed. Looking at the cloudy sky, I wanted to howl with pain! But the foil helped, after a week of such procedures came relief. How I was glad that I learned about this miraculous technique!

The course of treatment with foil gives a good result! Tell your friends this news, I hope this tool will help them.